21 terms

Law Test Chapter 1

concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong
something which attempts to develop the means for determining what those values should be
rules of conduct established by the government of a society to maintain stability and justice in that society
document which spells out the principles by which that country's government operates
Common Law
decisions of the early law courts developed in england, based on customs. they are characterized by the practice of deciding cases on precedent
when a judge is required to follow an earlier court decision when deciding a case with similar circumstances
Law specifically passed by a government body created for that purpose
body of lawmakers, which has the job of creating or passing statutory law
action of law that is no longer valid
Administrative Law
those rules and procedures established by regulatory agencies
First 10 Amendments
Are the Bill of Rights
27th Amendment
18 year olds' can vote
Bill of Rights
protect individual liberty and those accused of crime
Town laws
are bi laws
City laws
are city ordanents
Case law
courts make law through decisions
State supreme court
highest court in state
Federal Supreme Court
decide if federal law is unconstitutional
Doctrine of Precedent
judges wrote down laws, make sure they all have the same thing
Women Suffrage Amendment
1920-women could vote
Golden Rule
treat people the way you would want to be treated