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Río Bravo

the Mexican name for the river known as the Rio Grande in the United States; it forms the border between Mexico and Texas


a piece of land surrounded on three sides by water

Baja California

a peninsula in Mexico

Gulf of Mexico

a large gulf off the southeastern coast of North America


a large peninsula that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico

Sierra Madre

the chief mountain range in Mexico


a land with different territories and peoples under a single ruler


a person of mixed European and Indian ancestry


a church outpost


huge expanse of farm or ranch land in the Americas


the rise in prices that occurs when currency loses its buying power

Slash-and-burn agriculture

the practice of burning forest in order to clear land for planting

Mexico City

the capital of Mexico


a mixture of smoke, chemicals, and fog


a U.S. or other foreign-owned factory in Mexico

Cash crop

a crop that farmers grow mainly to sell for a profit

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