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the degree to which a measurement can be reproduced


the extent to which a measurement agrees with a standard

3 Types of Errors



unavoidable error but can be minimized


due to a faulty measuring device or a procedural flaw


shift in position of an object due to the viewing angle
most common error made


time spent inhaling


time spent exhaling

I:E Ratio

inspiratory/expiratory ratio

Total Cycle Time

sum of both the I-time and the E-time

I-time/I-time: E-time/I-time

formula for I:E Ratio

Normal I:E Ratio

1:2 or 1:3

COPD I:E Ratio

1:4 or 1:5

Infant I:E Ratio

1:1 or 1:1.5

Normal Breathing Rate

12-20 b/m

Ventilator Breathing Rate

8-12 b/m

Inverse I:E Ratio

when E-time exceeds I-time
only used on patients who have ARDS and the patient must be very heavily sedated

I-time/E-time: E-time/E-time

inverse I:E ratio formula

E-time= 60/RR-I-time

calculating I:E ratio when the respiratory rate and either I-time or E-time is given

1) TCT= 60/RR; 2) I-time= TCT/sum of I:E ratio; 3) E-time= TCT- I-time

calculating the I-time and E-time when TCT and I:E ratio are given

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