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  1. P arm
  2. mesosome
  3. triploid
  4. cell plate
  5. Binary Fission Step 2
  1. a the cell's cell wall, plasma membrane, and overall volume is increased. DNA replication occurs
  2. b part of the cell that begins to form during cell division. needed to divide the cytoplasm
  3. c three sets of chromosomes; represented by "3N"
  4. d in plant cells, cytokinisis is accomplished by the formation of a...
  5. e the short arm of a eukaryotic chromosome

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  1. a site found within the centromere of the chromosome; associates with the mitotic spindle during cell division
  2. The microtubules associate with the kinetochores of the replicated chromosomes
  3. prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase
  4. when a chromosome is replicated it is said to be composed of two sister...
  5. division of the cytoplasm

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  1. diploidtwo sets of chromosomes; represented by "2N"


  2. nucleosomeschromatin is arranged into units called...


  3. nuclesome corechromatin is arranged into units called...


  4. metaphasethe second phase of mitosis contains only one process


  5. linker DNAthe rest of the cycle aside from the the four main phases, consumes most of the time during the cell cycle.