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  1. kinetochore
  2. ploidy
  3. Mitosis
  4. nucleosomes
  5. chromatids
  1. a refers to the number of sets of chromosomes a cell (nucleus) possesses
  2. b chromatin is arranged into units called...
  3. c a site found within the centromere of the chromosome; associates with the mitotic spindle during cell division
  4. d when a chromosome is replicated it is said to be composed of two sister...
  5. e normally begins with a diploid nucleus (2N) and results in two diploid nuclei.

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  1. the first phase of mitosis and is composed of four processes
  2. The replicated centrosomes centrosomes migrate to opposite poles and a system of microtubules forms
  3. the second phase of mitosis contains only one process
  4. the cell elongate and the chromosomes are pulled apart. Cytoplasm is distributed evenly
  5. Chromatin condenses into discrete chromosomes

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  1. Second phase of anaphasethe duplicated chromosomes separates into sister chromatids.


  2. centromerecenter of the chromosome


  3. cleavage furrowsfound within eukaryotic cells; composed of a cluster of 8 histones


  4. nuclesome corefound within eukaryotic cells; composed of two molecules of H2A, H2B, H3, AND H4


  5. Binary Fission Step 1DNA replication has produced two identical chromosomes. Cell wall and plasma membrane begin to grow inward.