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  1. Q arm
  2. Anaphase
  3. cleavage furrows
  4. haploid
  5. octomer core
  1. a the long arm of a eukaryotic chromosme
  2. b one set of chromosomes; represented with an "N"
  3. c the third phase of mitosis, contains two processes
  4. d found within eukaryotic cells; composed of two molecules of H2A, H2B, H3, AND H4
  5. e formation that allows cytokinesis to occur

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  1. the fourth phase of mitosis; involves four processes
  2. when a chromosome is replicated it is said to be composed of two sister...
  3. system of microtubules
  4. simple process that only occurs within prokaryotic cells.
  5. the rest of the cycle aside from the the four main phases, consumes most of the time during the cell cycle.

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  1. cytokinesisdivision of the nucleus


  2. triploidtwo sets of chromosomes; represented by "2N"


  3. Fourth process of prophaseThe microtubules associate with the kinetochores of the replicated chromosomes


  4. diploidthree sets of chromosomes; represented by "3N"


  5. Binary Fission Step 2chromosome attaches to a special plasma membrane. indicates bacterium is about to divide