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  1. Francis Lubbock
  2. Battle of Palmito Ranch
  3. Battle of Galveston II
  4. Battle of Sabine Pass I
  1. a This battle resulted in a Union victory that enabled Union forces to make incursions into the interior of Texas and Louisiana.
  2. b During this Battle of Galveston there were 600 Confederate casualties.
  3. c This was the last battle of the Civil War and occurred after General Lee's surrender.
  4. d This former Texas Governor has a city named in his honor

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  1. He operated the only cannons in Sam Houston's Army during the Texas Revolution
  2. He helped Zachary Taylor capture Mexico City
  3. He became known as the "Old Roman" who had sacrificed his political future for the good of the state of Texas
  4. He had his Texas Brigade named after him
  5. Galveston was first captured by Union forces in 1862 when the Confederate forces withdrew from the island during a 4 four day truce.

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  1. John ReaganThis U.S. Military Academy graduate's greatest feat was the recapture of Galveston from Union forces.


  2. John Bell HoodAfter graduating from the U.S. Military Academy he was transferred to the 2nd Calvary in Texas


  3. Battle of Galveston IIA four day truce/cease fire was agreed on after a brief exchange of fire between Union ships and Confederate Forts


  4. Thomas GreenIronically, he was killed in Civil War battle by cannon fire.


  5. Battle of Palmito RanchThis battle was a multicultural affair because it involved Native-American, African-American, Hispanic-American and Anglo-Americans.


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