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the goal for this class

teach students to appreciate music through constructive listening and understanding

who was the famous American compser who wrote Fanfare for the Common Man?

Aaron Copland

some of the world's earliest notation can be found in

Gregorian Chant

composer famous for writing scores to movies

John Williams

Gregorian chant is rented in __ text?


Improvisation is an imporant element of __?


What are the dates of the Middle Ages?


secular music is?

non religious music

What music is monophonic, sung in Latin, and the official music of sacred music?

Gregorian chant

of the 3 main classes of people in the Middle Ages, which class was mostly likely to compose music?


who was the first woman composer?

Hildegard of Bingen

___ was a visionary and mystic, and wrote treaties on medicine and science

Hildegard of Bingen

an estampie would have most likely been composed by __ and ___

Troubadours and Trouveres

the first large body of secular songs survining in decipherable notation was written by

Troubadours and Trouveres

This form of polyphony consist of an added melodic line that moves in parallel motion with the primary melody


What are the dates of the Renaissance?


What is a capella?

unaccompanied voal music

What is the most important characteristic of Renaissance music?

word painting

a motet would probably have been performed where?

in a Church

a motet would probably have been set to a text in ___


Instrumental music written during the Renaissance Period was composed primarily to?

accompany vocal music

a madrigal would probably have been set to text in ___

any besides Latin

What are the dates of the Baroque Period?


What is a concerto grosso?

group of soloists pittes against a larger group of players (called a tutti)

affections are ___


polyphonis composition based on one main theme that is imitated by other voices or lines


large scale composition for chorus, vocal soloists, and orchestra, set usually on a narrative of a religious nature


the story that an opera is based upon


The most widely perfomed oratorio today is?

The Messiah

drama that is sung to orchestral accompaniment


This form of Classical music consisted of an exposition, a development section, a recapitulation, and a coda

sonata form

what is the alternation between soft and loud dynamics?

terraced dynamics

the most important contribution of the Classical period is?

the Symphony

Who was the child prodidy who wrote symphonies at the tender age of 8


he bridged the gap between the Classical and Romantic periods


the return of the exposition theme in sonata form is called the ___


an example of the most important from of chamber music

String quartet

a three-movement work for virtuoso instrumental soloist and orchestra


the short idea that a composition is based on

a motive

a piece designed to be played in an intimate setting of a room

chamber music

used in concertos as an unaccompanied section to feature the virtuosity of the soloist


Which Baroque keyboard instrument could make small changes in dynamics?


What composed died penniless?


Which composer became deaf?


set of dance -inspired movements written in the same key, but with differences in meter, tempo, and character


a motet was a popular form during what period?


The most characteristic feature of Baroque music was

Basso Continuo

an oratorio would probably be performed where?

a concerto hall or in a church

An opera would probably be performed where?

on a stage

One of the most distinctive forms of the Romantic period was

art song

Which composer wrote neraly exclusively for the piano?


Who was the premier female musician of the 19th century?

Clara Schumann

Who wrote over 600 art songs?

F. Schubert

a piece in triple meter that originated as a stately processional dance for the Polish nobility


music inspired by styles, melodies, and other materials taken from foreign languages


What are the dates of the Romantic Period?


A one-movement programmatic piece that was not in sonata allegro form was___

symphonic poem (tone poem)

a multiple-movement programmatic piece

program symphony

instrumental music associated with a story, poem, idea, or scene

program music

one of the most premier opera composers of the Romantic period


one of the premier tenors of our time

Luciano Pavarotti

most famous Russian composer


Dies Irae shows up in what programmatic piece?

Dream of the Witches Sabbath

La donna e mobile means what?

Women are fickle

Used to intensify expression by slightly holding back or pressing forward the tempo


tone color




list the female voices from highest to lowest

soprano, mezzo soprano, alto

list the male voives from the highest to lowest

tenor, baritone, bass

relative highness of lowness that we hear in sound


this kind of texture features a single, unaccopanied melodic line


faster vibrations or frequencies of an object result in __ ___

higher pitch

flow of music in time


recurring pulses in music


part added to the melody that adds support, depth, and richness


two or more notes being played at the same time


this kind of meter is the msot popular


simplest definition of music is

organized sound

A series of single notes which add up to a recognizable whole, consisting of pitch and rhythm


which type of form is the most common?


the music of the acadians in LA in the 19th century was transformed by which influences: (5)

african rhythms, anglo americans, native americans, spanish influences, french influence

cajun music came originally from ___


One of the most important influences of Acadian music was Dennis McGee, who was the son of an Irish immigrant father and a mother who was half French and ____________

seminole indians

the acadians come to Louisiana via

Nova Scotia

the accordian come to LA from ___


the accordian was popular because ___

it was loud

the first Cajun recording was made by

Joe and Cleoma Falcon

this musician is credited with being the "king of Zydeco"

Clifton Chenier

who was the legendary Creole musician who later teamed up with Dennis McGee?

Amadee Ardoin

one of the most popular cajun songs ever recorded

Jolie Blonde

after WWII, this musician is credited with bringing back the traditional style of Cajun music

Iry LeJune

trademark instrument of zydeco music


This musician coined the name "zydecajun," a mixture of zydeco, Cajun, and rock

Wayne Toups

Most Native American's considered their songs to be

thier personal property

if a Native American song was accompanied it was accompanied mostly by __ and __

drums and rattles

Native American Music was composed for

special functions

primary reason for a Native American to play the flute was

to court a female

A _______ drum consists of a single tanned skin tied to four stakes in the ground and held by four people as another strikes it.

simple skin

african wind instruments are classified as


instruments that are struck or shaken that have animal skins are classified as


african string instuments are classified as


Instruments that are struck or shaken that are not made of animal skins are classified as


talking drum

hour glass drum

east coast africans specialize in their

xylohone music

west coast africans are known for their

highly refined drumming

thumb piano


amici forever

opera band

louis Armstrong's nickname


this canadian-born singer sings in the style of Frank Sinatra

Michael Buble

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