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5th largest
Antarctica is the 5th largest continent (5.5 mil sq. mi)
geographic south poles
Magnetic South Pole
not located on land but in the ocean off the coast 66 degrees E 140 degrees S
Ice Sheet
largest supply of freshwater in the world
coldest, driest, highest and windiest continent
Transantarctic Mt.
divide the continent in 2
East Antarctica
a plateau surrounded by mountains and valleys
West Antarctica
a group of separate islands linking by ice
Entire area
land hidden by a thick ice sheet
6 months of darkness and 6 months of light
-120 degrees
temp. most of the year is bitter cold dropping down to
Most of Antarctica
a polar desert that receives less than 1 inch of rain a year
James Cook
first explorer to SEE Antarctica in 1772 but not explored until 1911
Geologists think...
large number of resources of coal, minerals, and even oil
26 nations agreed NOT to mine Antarctica until 50 years
a scientific laboratory
Madrid Protocol
In 1991, 36 nations signed it to protect thecontinent; forbids most activites that do not have scientific purposes