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PCC HI 101-1

Dr. Northrop history 101 final dates
A.D. 30
Death and Resurection of Jesus Christ
A.D. 64
Roman Persecution of Christians begins under Nero/ Apostle Paul and Peter Martyred
A.D. 313
Edict of Milan legalizes Chistianity
A.D. 395
Roman Empire permanetely divided into East and West/ Byzantium renamed Constantinople and made capital of Eastern Roman( Byzantium) empire
A.D. 1081-1118
Reign of Alexius Comnenus/ beginning of Crusades
A.D. 1453
Capture of Constantinople by Otto Man Turks/ end of Byzantiam Empire
A.D. 843
Treaty of Verdun divides Carolingian Empire
A.D. 919
Henry the Fowler begins Saxon line of Geman kings
Council of Toulouse forbids possession of Bible among laymen
A.D. 1305-1378
Babylonan Captivity of the papacy
A.D. 1060
University of Salerno established - first meieval university
A.D. 1096-1099
First Crusade/ Crusaders established four kingdoms in Holy Land
A.D. 1334-1351
Balck Death in Europe Kills 25 million people
A.D. 1382
First English Bible
Gutenburg invents movable-typ printing press
Battle of Hastings/ Beginning of Norman Conquest
Magna Carta
Model Parlament in England
First meeting of Estates General
A.D. 1492
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain deafeat last moorish kingdom in spain/ Columbus discovers new world/ Spanish Inquistition begins.
A.D. 1530
Augsburg Confession
A.D. 1555
Peace of Ausburg recognizes Lutheranism
A.D. 1588
England Defeats the Spanish Armarda
A.D. 1618-1648
Thirty- Years war lost great religious war/ PEace os Westphalia
A.D. 1516
Desiderius Erasmus Publishes the first printed edition of the Greek New Testament
A.D. 1517
95 thesis begining of the Protestant Reforomation
A.D. 1521
Diet of worms
A.D. 1543
Copernicus develops heliocentric view of the univers
A.D. 1666
French Academy of Science Founded by Huguenots and Janseists
A.D. 1687
Newton Publishes Principia/ development of universal law of gravity and motion