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pol 1213 test3 answers

spring2012; mr. esparza's pol1213
obstacles for third parties (in Texas) include
ballot access, winner-take-all rules, the electoral college
what was the policy of Richard Nixon regarding the Cold War called?
what is the policy of Harry Truman regarding the Cold War called?
what was the doctrine of Colin Powell?
decisive use of American military only when there is clear public support and exit strategy in place
when there is a fear that Americans won't support a long-term military intervention, it is called
the Vietnam syndrome
which of the following is NOT a way that the US foreign and domestic policy is linked?
US foreign policy always benefits only the United States
the Cold War refers to
the period of tense relations between the United States and the Soviet Union
who coined the phrase "Iron Curtain"?
Winston Churchill
what was the significance of the Zimmerman Telegraph?
it brought the military industry to Texas
a member of the house planning to run for speaker in the next legislative session in two years would prepare now for that election by taking which of the following actions?
gathering signed pledges of support from other House members
regarding constitutions, Texas has approximately -----, whereas the US has ----- constitutional amendments
450, 27
which of the following governors was called ""Pass the Biscuits, Pappy"?
Pa Ferguson
which of the following industries was most important in the development of Texas in the Twentieth century?
oil and gas
governor Edmund Davis
tried to amass power in the executive office of the governor
in 1999, what university, and students, wrote a new state constitution?
Angelo St. University
listed in the order of population size, what are the largest racial/ ethnic groups in Texas?
non-Hispanic whites, Latinos, African Americans, Asians
political culture in Texas was influenced by all the following EXCEPT
the importance of political parties
of the following, which is NOT one of the 10 largest cities in the US?
El Paso
which of the following Governors have been impeaches in Texas?
James 'Pa" Ferguson
in which of the following ways are state constitutions and the US constitution similar?
the US constitution and most state constitutions provide for separation of powers
party era can best be described as
changed in political dominance from one-party to another
political party power (in Texas) today can best be described as
one-party republican
of the following political parties, which was the first to deal with local issues and coalitions in Texas?
the democrat party
who or what is responsible for drawing the new Us congressional districts in Texas?
Texas legislature
the National Granger or Patrons of husbandry Party (the governors)
may be the first true party in Texas
the political subculture which views political power as being concentrated in the hands of a few elite citizens is
in recent years, economic ----- has reduced the voting of Texas's economy
by 2005, ----- were estimated to compromise approximately 35% of the state's population
illegal immigrants
what percent of Texas residents live in urban areas?
which two countries did president George w. bush declare as rogue states?
Iran and North Korea
which of the following powers does the Texas constitution assign to the Senate alone?
to confirm appointments
which of the following is true concerning regular sessions of the Texas legislature?
the legislature meets in regular session for 140 days every odd-year
who called special legislative sessions in Texas?
only the governor can call a special session
how is the lieutenant governor selected?
the lieutenant governor is elected statewide
on which of the following measures does the governor enjoy a line-item veto?
a bill appropriating money for the state budget
which of the following features was/were included in the Texas constitution?
the division of the judicial branch of government into two segments; the division of the Texas legislature into two houses; the inclusion of long, detailed sections on such policy issues as education, finance, railroad regulation
which of the following constitutional powers is granted to the president?
to negotiate treaties, to extend diplomatic recognition, do nominate ambassadors to other countries, to serve as commander in chief of the armed forces
which of the following is an example of a nation-state with whom the US has diplomatic relations?
great Britain
which of the following presidents promoted the view that the Is would stay out of European affairs and threat Europeans must stay out of American affairs?
George Washington
what was the marshal plan?
an american program that provided billions of dollars to the countries of Western Europe to rebuild their economies after WWII
what is NAFTA?
an agreement among Canada, Mexico, and the United States to lower trade barriers among the three nations
Texas has been ruled by all the following countries
France, Spain, mexico, the US
which of the following statements is TRUE regarding wealth and poverty in Texas?
household income in Texas is somewhat below the national average; the income differential between the poorest and the wealthiest people in Texas is greater than the income differential between the poorest and wealthiest people in the United States as a whole; the median income for African American and Latino families in Texas is lower than the median income for non-Hispanic white families
what was the US census estimated population of Texas in 2010?
26 million
what was the significance of the Zimmerman Telegraph?
it brought industry to Texas
what was the significance of Spindletop in Texas?
it allowed Texas to diversify from agriculture to petroleum
what was the significance of Tidelands?
oil was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico
in the late 1970s, Texas experienced a mini-recession. what was the solution Texas chose to bring prosperity back to this state?
Texas diversified its economies to rely less on petroleum
the political reforms introduced by Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev allowing soviet citizens' unprecedented freedom of political expression and providing for the free election of a Congress of People's Deputies were know as which of the following?