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AP Psycho Final/AP Exam Review - Test 6

Questions on social psychology
social psychology
Which branch of psychology is most directly concerned with the study of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another?
how people explain others' behavior
Attribution theory was designed to account for:
assigned roles
An example of the fundamental attribution error is illustrated in our tendency to underestimate the extent to which others' behavior is influenced by:
reflected her personal disposition
Students who were told that a young woman had been instructed to act in a very unfriendly way for the purposes of the experiment concluded that her behavior:
are irresponsible and unmotivated
The fundamental attribution error is most likely to lead to observers to conclude that unemployed people:
comply with a large request if one has previously complied with a small request
The foot-in-the-door phenomenon refers to the tendency to:
the foot-in-the-door phenomenon
After they had first agreed to display a 3-inch "Be a Safe Driver" sign, California home owners were highly likely to permit the installation of a very large and unattractive "Drive Carefully" sign in their front yards. This best illustrates:
the foot-in-the-door phenomenon
After giving in to her friend's request that she drink alcohol with them, 16-year-old Jessica found that she couldn't resist the pressure they exerted on her to try heroin. Her experience best illustrates:
role-playing on attitudes
Philip Zimbardo devised a stimulated prison and randomly assigned college students to serve as prisoners or guards. This experiment best illustrated the impact of:
cognitive dissonance
The discomfort we feel when two thoughts are inconsistent is called:
the chameleon effect
The experience of empathy is most directly facilitated by:
Solomon Asch asked people to identify which of three comparison lines was identical to a standard line. His research was designed to study:
gain social approval
Normative social influence results from people's desire to:
informational social influence
When the task of correctly identifying an individual in a slide of a four-person lineup was both difficult and important, participants in an experiment were especially likely to conform to others' wrong answers. This best illustrates the impact of:
normative social influence
Toby publicly agrees with his fraternity brothers that Ahmed, a senior, would make the best Student Senate President. On the secret ballot, however, he actually votes for Yoram. Toby's public conformity to his fraternity brother's opinion best illustrates the power of:
A culture that promotes individualism is most likely to encourage:
the experiment was not associated with a prestigious institution like Yale University
In Milgram's obedience experiments, "teachers" exhibited a somewhat lower level of compliance with an experimenter's orders when:
they perceive their orders to come from legitimate authority figures
In 1942, reserve police officers obeyed orders to kill some 1500 Jews in the village of Jozefow, Poland. This incident illustrated that people are most likely to be destructively obedient when:
the foot-in-the-door-phenomenon
The gradually escalating levels of destructive obedience in the Milgram experiments best illustrate one of the potential dangers of:
perform well-learned tasks more effectively in the presence of others
Social facilitation refers to the tendency to:
social facilitation
Expert pool players were observed to make 71% of their shots when alone. When four people watched them, they made 80% of their shots. This best illustrates:
social loafing
University students were observed to pull harder on a rope when they thought they were pulling alone than when they thought three others were pulling with them on the same rope. This best illustrates:
social loafing
Class members are asked to work cooperatively in groups on major course papers. Every member of a group is to receive exactly the same grade based on the quality of the group's paper. This situation is most likely to lead to:
Masked bandits might be more likely than unmasked bandits to physically injure their victims due to:
a loss of self-awaredness and self-restraint in group situations that foster arousal and anonymity
Deindividuation refers to:
When New York University women were dressed in Ku Klux Klan-style hoods, they demonstrated significantly more aggression. This finding is best explained in terms of:
the enhancement of a group's prevailing attitudes through group discussion
Group polarization refers to:
group polarization
NOra, Ko, Ian and May each think that Ms. Akey may be slightly better at teaching than Mr. Schwenke. After discussing why each of them believe this to be so, they all conclude that Ms. Akey is definitely a much better teacher than Mr. Schwenke. This episode provides an example of:
be self-confident and consistent in expressing his viewpoints
Anton is the only juror to favor acquittal on a murder trial. To influence the majority he should:
Arturo believes that most young women from California are extremely good looking and that extremely good looking women are usually selfish and egotistical. His beliefs are examples of:
social inequalities
Prejudice is most likely to develop as a way of justifying:
ingroup bias
A sense of social identity is most likely to promote:
According to the scapegoat theory, prejudice is likely to result from:
vivd cases
Twenty Willonians were arrested for nonviolent crimes, whereas 20 Pireaneans were arrested for violent crimes. The tendency to judge that more crimes were committed by Pireaneans than by Wallonians best illustrates the power of:
the just-world phenomenon
An eagerness to believe that victims of a natural disaster are being punished by God for their sins best illustrates a potential consequence of:
the intent to hurt
According to the text, aggression always involves:
father care
High rates of violence are most common among those who experience minimal levels of:
a social trap
Continuing to operate a fuel-inneficient car despite warnings about the effect of greenhouse gases best illustrates the dynamics of:
mirror-image perceptions
Haley thinks Keith's silence indicates that he's angry, so she avoids talking to him. Unfortunately, Keith thinks Haley's quietness signifies that she's angry and wants to be left alone. This situation best illustrates:
self-fulfillling prophecies
The country of Superlia increased the size of its military force because its leaders inappropriately anticipated that their rival, country of Piropia, would do the same. The Piropians subsequently felt it was necessary to respond to the Superlian military buildup with a military expansion of their own. The Piropian response best illustrates the danger of:
experience increasing attraction to novel stimuli that become more familiar
The mere exposure effect refers to the fat that people:
be perceived as more socially skilled
Svetlana, a 20-year-old college sophomore, is beautiful. Research suggests that she is likely to _____ than less attractive college women.
attitudes, intelligence, age, and economic status
We are likely to prefer as friends those who are similar to us in:
physical arousal
The two-factor theory of emotion specifically suggests that passionate love can be facilitated by:
Ellie is unusually attractive and intelligent, and she works hard to please her husband. He displays little affection for her, however, and spends most of her family's resources on his own resources on his own interests. Ellie's relationship with her husband is best characterized as:
The tragic murder of Kitty Genovese outside her New York apartment stimulated social psychological research on:
the bystander effect
Social psychologists have arranged for people to drop coins or pencils in elevators in order to study:
emergency is being observed by a number of other people
The bystander effect refers to the tendency for an observer of an emergency to withhold aid if the:
the reciprocity norm
After the Greenway family accepted their neighbor's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner, Mrs. Greenway felt obligated to invite the neighbors to Christmas dinner. Mrs. Greenway's sense of obligation most likely resulted from:
superordinate goals (Shareef)
The success of interracial cooperative learning in classroom settings best illustrates the value of ______ for reducing racial conflict.