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Bubba Scrub

Throwing your bike sideways off of a lip; a maneuver developed by James Stewart, to improve lap times.


Began riding dirtbikes at age 3.


Won first amateur title at 6.


Met Tony Haynes (dirt bike rider left paralyzed by accident) and at 8 years old asked if he could use his number to "take it to the top".


James Stewart's number was 259 until he won his first championship, and after he took the number 7.


In 2003, Stewart broke his collarbone in Las Vegas, NV.


Has worked through injuries during nearly every major race he's ever done.


There is a small rivalry between James Stewart and Chad Reed, an Australian motocross rider.


James has been called the "Tiger Woods of motocross", as he is the first African American rider to dominate the sport.


James Stewart was born December 21, 1985.

First Ride

When James Stewart was just 2 years old, he went on his first motorcycle ride with his father.


James "Bubba" Stewart was a fan of Jeff "Chicken" Matiasevich, and called himself "baby chicken" which became Bubba over time.


Was home-schooled his whole life.


Born in Bartow, FL but currently lives in Orlando.


James Stewart currently rides for JGR Yamaha.

Riding Style

Began riding with his father at a young age, and was able to develop personal style and techniques that have put him on top.


James Stewart is the youngest person ever to win a professional race.


Placed 2nd in a whip competition at the 2009 X Games.


Has been featured on MTV Cribs.


Had a reality TV show that was called Bubba's World.

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