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SOC101 final

Anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski (1913) examined the family structure of nontraditional cultures and settled a long-standing debate when he concluded that:
the family was indeed a universal human institution.
Who of the following has argued all along that African American female-headed families are the outcome, rather than the cause, of racial oppression and poverty?
Du Bois
According to the 2000 U.S. Census, what percentage of Latinos in the United States come from Mexico?
Monetization refers to:
the establishment of a widely accepted currency for exchange.
An oligopoly occurs when sellers of a certain product join together and decide to _____________ supply to _____________ demand, all in an effort to raise profits.
reduce; increase
An honorarium is similar to:
a gift for something you have agreed to do for someone, like give a speech.
As discussed in Chapter 12, in which cultures would it be acceptable for a man to marry his 14-year-old cousin?
in Victorian England and in some modern-day Muslim tribes
If affirmative action programs were eliminated, which group would be most likely to see an increase in chances of admission to elite colleges and universities?
Asian students
John and Monique are married. Both of their parents live with them, as does John's sister and brother-in-law, and some nieces and nephews. This is known as a:
kinship network
The civic voluntarism model points to three components to explain political participation or nonparticipation. Which of the following is NOT one of these components?
race and ethnicity
In much of the Western world, the choice of a marriage partner tends to be influenced by age, education, class, race, and religion. Which of the following does NOT explain this tendency?
People are oftentimes attracted to people who are their complete opposite, for "opposites attract."
Henry Ford was heralded for his generosity and genius when he created a new type of wage system whereby male workers were paid sufficient wages to support a dependent wife and children. What term refers to this type of payment?
family wage
The Ozzie and Harriet Nelson type of family was in its prime during which time period?
during the post-World War II economic boom
Union membership has been declining since the 1950s. Which of the following has NOT been suggested as a reason?
Union employees are less efficient.
Results from the Coleman Report were surprising because findings indicated that:
achievement differences between schools could be explained best by family background and peers with whom children attended school.
In a capitalist economic system, the price and distribution of goods and services are determined by what?
Sarah Fenstermaker Berk has characterized the American family by examining how women and men learn to take on distinct roles paralleling the divide between public and private spheres. She calls the family a:
"gender factory."
Barbara Risman equated gender inequality, in the form of marriage, to:
What term refers to the ability to carry out one's own will despite resistance?
Which of the following is NOT true about domestic violence?
The majority of people who are abused as children go on to have abusive relationships with their own children.
In the 1970s a man by the name of Jim Jones persuaded 900 people to commit suicide in Guyana. He was the leader of the Peoples Temple, and his personal appeal allowed him to have this power over his followers. We would call this ____________ authority.
Espenshade, Chung, and Walling (2004) studied admission to elite colleges and found that group A was four times more likely to gain admission, and group B was three times more likely to be admitted. Group A and B are, respectively:
athletes and legacy students.
Journalist Barbara Ehrenreich traveled around the country to study firsthand what it was like to "get by" working low-wage jobs. All of the following is true about her experiences EXCEPT:
She felt that if she had only worked harder, she would have been able to "get by."
Your deference to your parents and professors and to the laws of the U.S. government are examples of:
domination by authority.
According to Espenshade and Chung (2005), eliminating affirmative action programs would do which of the following?
decrease black and Hispanic admission acceptance rates by one-half to two-thirds
According to your text, approximately what percentage of the nation's population 16 years and older is innumerate?
A paradox of the American education system is that:
education is a social institution that stratifies students based on the characteristics of their backgrounds even though it is intended to provide equal opportunity.
Marital rates among blacks in the United States have declined since:
the 1960s.
The "typical" American family today is:
As discussed in Chapter 12, which group of women is least likely to get an abortion?
Latino women
Weber broke domination down into two types. What are they?
authority and economic power
Marilee Jones, former dean of admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), resigned from her position in April 2007 after it came to light that she had fabricated her academic record and claimed to have academic degrees she did not have. While this is an extreme case, it illustrates the overemphasis on qualifications such as college degrees in order to be hired for a job. This is known as:
Three different theories explain how the welfare state developed. Which of the following is NOT one of these theories?
Weber's authoritarian theory
Money that working women earned was not expected to provide for a family. What group did this assumption harm the most?
black women
Authority refers to:
the justifiable right to exercise power.