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  1. connotation
  2. alliteration
  3. Bandwagon
  4. Qualify
  5. polysendeton
  1. a conjunctions between words
  2. b A popular movement that people join due to peer pressure ex: Buy me a puppy, because everyone else did.
  3. c non literal, implied meaning of a word
    ex: he's going to kill you
  4. d rep. of sound in neighboring words
    ex: she sell sea shells
  5. e shows opposing views to prove a point

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  1. repetition at the end of the phrase at the beginning of the next
    ex: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate
  2. use of outdated words
  3. reverse grammatical structure
  4. Becky is a girl.
  5. that which proves or disproves something

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  1. fallacya statement that may appear to be an argument but is wrong


  2. Slippery SlopeIf you don't get direct TV then you will be bored. If you are bored then you will hang out with undesirables. If you hang out with undesirables then you will have a kid with a dog collar, don't have a kid with a dog collar.


  3. Zeugmaa self evident statement


  4. ambiguityrepresentation of abstract ideas through characters


  5. Hasty GeneralizationA conclusion without evidence, usually tied to emotions ex: A little kid stole my wallet, therefore all little kids are thieves.


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