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  1. Poisoning the Well
  2. climax
  3. litotes
  4. rhetorical question
  5. fallacy
  1. a a statement that may appear to be an argument but is wrong
  2. b arranging in increasing importance
  3. c Discredits something before hand ex: This OP sucks but here we go.
  4. d an unanswered question because the answer is obvious
  5. e you describe something by saying what is isn't

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  1. an implied comparison of two words
  2. the use of slang in speech
  3. the final opposition to an assertion ex:some people might argue, however..
  4. conjunctions between words
  5. non literal, implied meaning of a word
    ex: he's going to kill you

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  1. Anadiplosiscomparison of two ideas in order to explain a difficult idea
    ex: i washed my car and it is as shiny as colton's cheek


  2. Maliproprismusing a word incorrectly for humor
    ex: a fire distinguish-er


  3. Ad HominemAttcking the person instead of the argument ex:You claim that the man is innocent, but you can not be trusted because you are a criminal as well.


  4. Non SequiturSomething that doesn't follow ex: Jake lives in a large building, therefore his apartment must be large.


  5. Zeugmaarranging in increasing importance