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  1. simile
  2. evidence
  3. Rhetoric
  4. Major Premise
  5. Rebuttal
  1. a All girls are pretty.
  2. b comparison of two words using like or as
  3. c that which proves or disproves something
  4. d the final opposition to an assertion ex:some people might argue, however..
  5. e the art of writing effectively, eloquently, and persuasively

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  1. doubtfulness about the meaning of a word
  2. the opinion of the writer and the stance he or she takes
  3. arranging in increasing importance
  4. a statement that contradicts itself but is still true
  5. omission of conjunctions between words

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  1. Qualifyshows opposing views to prove a point


  2. onomatopoeiawords describing a sound


  3. Conclusionreference to something that is presumably well known
    ex: as big as Noah's ark


  4. Begging the Questionan unanswered question because the answer is obvious


  5. Anthimeriausing a noun as a verb
    ex: Facebooking