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  1. fallacy
  2. Post Hoc
  3. Begging the Question
  4. innvendo
  5. rhetorical question
  1. a Believed superstition about something ex: Alex ran under a ladder the day he ran slow at his meet, therefore going under a ladder will cause him to run slow.
  2. b a hidden meaning in a clause that makes since
  3. c an unanswered question because the answer is obvious
  4. d Believing something without having enough evidence ex: Paul must be telling the truth because iv'e heard him say that many times before.
  5. e a statement that may appear to be an argument but is wrong

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  1. non literal, implied meaning of a word
    ex: he's going to kill you
  2. Attcking the person instead of the argument ex:You claim that the man is innocent, but you can not be trusted because you are a criminal as well.
  3. repetition at the end of the phrase at the beginning of the next
    ex: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate
  4. the art of writing effectively, eloquently, and persuasively
  5. reasoning from specific to general

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  1. parallelismsimilar grammatical structure


  2. Bandwagona statement that contradicts itself but is still true


  3. denotationstrict, literal meaning of a word
    ex: "i'm going to kill you" says the murderer


  4. positionauthor's word choice


  5. litotescomparison of two words using like or as