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  1. position
  2. evidence
  3. climax
  4. Rhetoric
  5. onomatopoeia
  1. a that which proves or disproves something
  2. b arranging in increasing importance
  3. c words describing a sound
  4. d the opinion of the writer and the stance he or she takes
  5. e the art of writing effectively, eloquently, and persuasively

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  1. A conclusion without evidence, usually tied to emotions ex: A little kid stole my wallet, therefore all little kids are thieves.
  2. All girls are pretty.
  3. comparison of two words using like or as
  4. an implied comparison of two words
  5. similar grammatical structure

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  1. punplay on words


  2. assonancethat which proves or disproves something


  3. anaphorarepetition of a word at the beginning of clauses.
    ex: the sun is hot, the sun is big, the sun is yellow


  4. allusionTherefore Becky is pretty.


  5. denotationstrict, literal meaning of a word
    ex: "i'm going to kill you" says the murderer