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Preventing and Treating STD's, and Infection

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Sexually transmitted infections
another name for sexually transmitted diseases.
individuals show not symptoms or the symptoms are mild and disappear after the onset of the infection.
are a class of chemical agents that destroy disease-causing micro-organisims while leaving the patient unharmed.
HPV vaccine
a vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer, pre-cancerous genital lesions (or sores), and genital warts caused by genital HPV infection.
Human immunodefieciency virus (HIV)
is a virus that attacks the immune system.
acquired immunodefiency syndrom (AIDS)
a disease in which the immune system is weakened.
Western blot
is a test that detects HIV antibodies and confirms the results of earlier EIA tests.
rapid test
is an HIV test that produces results in only 20 minutes.
Avoiding harmful behaviors
occurrence of diseases in which many people in the same place at the same time are affected.
a global outbreak of infectious behavior
a condition in which an individual is unable to conceive or has difficulty with conceiving a child
Bacterial STD that attacks many parts of the body, caused by bacterium called spirochete
genital herpes
STD caused by HSV
Bacteria STD that usually affects mucous membranes
Sexually Transmitted diseases
diseases that spread from person to person through sexual contact.