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cor pulmonale is aka
pulmonary heart disease
cor pulmonale is basically a
CARDIAC disorder SECONDARY to PULMONARY pathological condition
cor pulmonale can be __ or ___
acute or chronic
acute cor pulmonale can result form
a PULMONARY EMBOLISM where emboli usually originate from thrombi in LEGS
what do the emboli that usually originate from thrombi in legs then cause?
occlusion of the PULMONARY ARTERIAL BRANCHES and thus obstructing the blood supply to the pulmonary parenchyma
what are the clinical presentations of ACUTE cor pulmonale?
1. profound SHOCK
2. hypotension
3. tachypnea
4. tachycardia
5. severe pulmonary hypertension
6. chest pain
7. fever
8. leukocytosis
9. hemoptysis
what do the clinical presentations of ACUTE cor pulmonale announce?
an IMMINENT DEATH! ahhh.. ohh no!
CHRONIC cor pulmonale consists of
RIGHT VENTRICULAR dilation and/or hypertrophy SECONDARY to LONG-TERM pulmonary hypertension
what is chronic cor pulmonale from right ventricular dilation or hypertrophy secondary to LONG TERM PULMONARY HYPERTENSION caused from?
disorders of lung
1. chronic bronchitis
2. pulmonary emphysema
or thoracic wall
pulmonary hypertension leads to
increased pulmonary resistance and increased right ventricular afterload which increases right ventricular workload
what does right ventricular workload lead to?
dilation and hypertrophy of the myocardial wall until it FAILS
what are the clinical manifestations of CHRONIC cor pulmonale?
1. chest pain
3. hepatic congestion
4. altered tricuspid and pulmonic valve sounds
5. hepatomegaly
6. jugular distension.
what is diagnosis of cor pulmonale chornic depend on?
1. physical and radiological exams
2. EKG and echocardiogram
treatment of cor pulmonale chronic
is same for pulmonary hypertension treatment which success depends on REVERSAL of the underlying lung disorder
what is treatment AIMED at?
decrease the right ventricular workload