based on Dialogue 3 Text p 96-97

點菜 (点菜)

(Diǎncài) to order food

菜單 (菜单)

( Càidān) food menu

結帳 (结帐)

( Jiézhàng) to settle an account

盤 (盘)

( Pán) plate

( Fèn) a portion (of food)

( Wǎn) bowl


(Gū lǎo ròu) sweet & sour pork


( Mápó dòufǔ) mapo tofu

獅子頭 (狮子头)

( Shīzitóu)fried meat balls

酸辣湯 (酸辣汤)

( Suānlàtāng)hot & sour soup

春捲 (春卷)

( Chūnjuǎn)spring rolls

還是 (还是)

( Háishi) or

麵 (面)

( Miàn) noodles

飯 (饭)

( Fàn) rice

( Fàng) to put; to let off, to let go


( Wèijīng) M.S.G. (monosodium glutamate)


(Zhǔrén) host


(Kèren) guest

服務員 (服务员)

( Fúwùyuán) waiter, waitress


(yígòng) altogether; in all

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