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CV Heme

RAP: normal pressures

0-8 mmHg

RVP:normal pressures

RV systole: 15-28 mmHg
RV diastole: 0-8mmHg
15-28/0-8 mmHg

PAP:normal pressures

PA systole: 15-28 mmHg
PA diastole:5-16 mmHg
Mean: 10-22 mmHg

PAWP:normal pressure

Mean: 6-12 mmHg

Relative Contraindications for Cardiac Cath (6)

1. Uncontrolled ventricular irritability
2. Uncorrected HTN
3. Febrile Illness
4. Decompensated Heart Failure
5. Allergy to Contrast
6. Severe Renal Failure

Greatest Mortality is associated with occulsion to which coronary vessel?

Left main disease

What information does the Cath Report give you?

Summary of indications for procedure
Descript of Cath itself
Hemodynamic Data
-Chamber pressures
Dexcription of:
-Coronary Anat
-Ventricular Function
-Valvular Function

What Makes a Patient HIGH RISK? (8)

1. <1 or >70 years old
2. Severity of Disease
3. Increased 10 Fold with:
-Class IV ASA or NYHA
-Left Main disease
-EF<30%(or equal to)
4. Valvular heart disease
5. Renal Insuficiency
6. Insulin Dependent DM
7. Advanced peripheral or cerebral vascular disease
8. Severe Pulm Disease

Indications for Heart Cath (6)

1. Unstable Angina
2. Postinfaction angina
3. Typical/atypical chest pain
4. positive exercise stress test
5. Positive Dipyridamole stress test
6. Wall motion abnormalities

Which AANA standard covers the requirements for documentation of Patient Record?

Standard VI (6)

What does standard VI of the AANA practice guide say?

"There shall be complete, accurate, and timely documentation of pertinent information on the patient's medical record."

What is the purpose of Medical documentation?

1. Facilitates comprhensive patient care
2. Provides retrospective review of research data
3. Establishes a medical-legal record

Treatment options for CHF

Cardiac Glycosides:Digoxin
Phospodiesterase inhibitors:Amirinone, Milrinone
(FTI card; there are others)

Normal Hematocrit:


Normal Hemoglobin:


Critical Levels of Hematocrit and Hemoglobin

-<15% can produce heart failure
->60% can cause spontaneous clotting
-<5 Heart failure
->20 spontaneous clotting of capillaries

How to prevent sickling with sickle cell patients

Maintain fluid volume
Maintain oxygenation-maintain 30% crit

Normal Adult WBC count;
WBC life span

Normal Bands:3-5%
Life:13-20 days

Neutrophils are associated with what condition

bacteria and stress

Eosinophils associated with what condition

Allergic rxns

Basophils are associated with what condition

Leukemia, hodgkin's disease

Lymphocyte increased indicates what

Viral infections
Lymphocytic leukemia
Decreased in HIV and Immunosupression

Normal Platelet count

<20,000-spontaneous bleeding
You are told the number not the function with a CBC. Need a TEG for functional status

Monocyte elevation indicative of what

TB, Malaria, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,

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