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  1. Unity of Command
  2. Procedure
  3. Authority
  4. Standard
  5. Centralized Organization
  1. a the right to give orders, make decisions, or take action
  2. b a specific measurement against which an activity or result is judged
  3. c Organization with a power structure that places most decision-making authority at top management levels
  4. d means that no employee has more than one supervisor at a time
  5. e a set of step by step instructions

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  1. the main concept you have for your business.
  2. groups that manage their own behavior to accomplish a task
  3. number of people supervised by one manager
  4. plan for an activity or event
  5. guide lines for principles that should be followed

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  1. Matrix Organizationdivides employees into permanent work teams


  2. Decentralized Organizationa business is divided into smaller operating units and managers are given almost total responsibility


  3. Mission Statementa short, specific written statement of the reason a business exists and what it wants to achieve


  4. Team Organizationdivides employees into permanent work teams


  5. Line-and-Staff OrganizationManagers have direct control over the units and emplayees they supervise but have access to staff specilist for assistance.