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  1. Goal
  2. Flattened Organization
  3. Span of Control
  4. Line-and-Staff Organization
  5. Line Organization
  1. a A specific statement of what you want to achieve, giving direction to your plan of action
  2. b one with fewer levels of management than traditional structures
  3. c number of people supervised by one manager
  4. d All authority and responsibility can be traced in a direct line from the top executive down to the lowest employee level in the organization.
  5. e Managers have direct control over the units and emplayees they supervise but have access to staff specilist for assistance.

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  1. a short, specific written statement of the reason a business exists and what it wants to achieve
  2. plan for an activity or event
  3. the long-range goals and policies for growth and resource allocation
  4. strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats
  5. a set of step by step instructions

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  1. Policesguide lines for principles that should be followed


  2. AccountabilityAn obligation to perform assigned activities


  3. Organization ChartA diagram showing the reporting relationships of functions, departments, and individual positions within an organization


  4. Standardplan for an activity or event


  5. Operational Planningthe long-range goals and policies for growth and resource allocation