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Introduction to Blood Vessels and Arteries of the Upper Body

Exercise 30
Blood from the left subclavian artery flows into what vessels as it moves toward the left arm?
left axillary artery, brachial artery, radial artery, ulnar artery
Blood in the radial artery comes from what blood vessel?
brachial artery
What is the name of the outermost layer of blood vessel?
tunica adventitia
What kind of blood vessels have valves?
Blood from the common carotid artery nect travels to what two vessels?
internal and external common carotid artery
Blood from the right brachial artey travels to what two vessels?
right radial and ulnar artery
The internal carotid artey takes blood to what organ?
the brain
The descending aorta receives blood from what vessel?
aortic arch
What is the general name of a large vessel that takes bllod away from the heart?
Bllod in the left common carotid artery receives blood from what vessel?
aortic arch
Name three blood vessels that exit from the aortic arch.
brachialcephalic, right and left subclavian artery