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  1. The best life diet is a diet that isn't very
  2. In nutrisystem half of the grains are
  3. Each phase lasts
  4. The abs diet for women is a ____ week plan designed to ________
  5. Dean Ornish diet has how much fat and cholesterol a day?
  1. a 17 days then you start over
  2. b Strict
  3. c Whole grains
  4. d <10% ; <5 mg/day
  5. e 6 ; flatten belly

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  1. No
  2. Have to keep journal
  3. 6 meals a day; exercise 3 times a week
  4. Incorporating lifestyle changes such as advanced hygiene
  5. $500

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  1. Phase 1-317 days then you start over


  2. The Jenny Craig program uses ____ mealsPrepacked (just like nutrisystem)


  3. What is 2 MAJOR problemsKetoacidosis (byproduct of lysis of fatty acids for energy source) ; impaired brain function (glucose is main source of energy for brain and your not getting any)


  4. In the biggest loser diet do you cook or do you buy the food?30 minutes at first then increase to 60


  5. Weight watchers 4 pillars are17 days then you start over


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