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  1. You eat _ zone meals a day and _ zone snacks
  2. This diet mainly uses what type of foods
  3. For the biggest loser diet your calorie intake needs to be
  4. Can you eat whatever you want to?
  5. Prevention magazine flat belly diet started how
  1. a Recipes in a magazine > led to book > led to diet
  2. b Weight x 7= calories
  3. c 3 ; 2
  4. d Organic
  5. e As long as you don't go over the points

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  1. 6 ; flatten belly
  2. 1200, 1600
  3. Ketoacidosis (byproduct of lysis of fatty acids for energy source) ; impaired brain function (glucose is main source of energy for brain and your not getting any)
  4. Very low calorie intake could be dangerous
  5. Major clinical trial

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  1. Each phase lasts1) Lose cravings of bad food
    2) Lose weight
    3) Maintenance (life)


  2. What does it do basicallyEat less bad stuff, and try to exercise a little bit, there isn't much else to it


  3. In the biggest loser diet do you cook or do you buy the food?Either


  4. Major focus is on exercise or nutrition?Nutrition


  5. The 3 equal sections of plate concept for the zone diet is1/3 plate low fat protein ; 2/3 colorful carbs