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  1. What is time consuming about this diet
  2. The zone diet supposedly reduces _________ inflammation
  3. The diet is similar to what type of exercise programs?
  4. This is a low ______ low _______ diet
  5. For the biggest loser diet your calorie intake needs to be
  1. a Weight x 7= calories
  2. b Cellular inflammation
  3. c Muscle confusion
  4. d Fat / Carb
  5. e Have to keep journal

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  1. Protein, carb
  2. 1200, 1600
  3. Carbs (ketoacidosis)
  4. Only a short time
  5. 6 meals a day; exercise 3 times a week

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  1. It has been shown to lowerLDL, and risk of heart disease


  2. It increases lifespan by how much? Is there an emphasis on physical activity?Accelerate, activate, achieve, arrive


  3. How much does zone diet cost a month$500


  4. What is the biggest con of the biggest loser diet?Very low calorie intake could be dangerous


  5. The Dean Ornish diet is a _________ dietVegetarian