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  1. What is the biggest con of the biggest loser diet?
  2. What are these foods
  3. In the biggest loser diet you're supposed to eat a high amount of ____________ to lessen hunger due to the low calories
  4. What is 2 MAJOR problems
  5. One main problem with this is
  1. a Ketoacidosis (byproduct of lysis of fatty acids for energy source) ; impaired brain function (glucose is main source of energy for brain and your not getting any)
  2. b Red wine, dark chocolate, nuts, garlic, fish, fruits, veggies
  3. c Protein (lean)
  4. d Very low calorie intake could be dangerous
  5. e Sometimes the dieter can lose weight too fast; 10-15 lbs in first 17 days

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  1. Seven
  2. Either
  3. 17 days then you start over
  4. As long as you don't go over the points
  5. 10 (con is that its hard to eat this much fruit)

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  1. The anti-bloat jump start you can eat _____ calories; the 28 day plan you can eat ______Processed food


  2. The adkins diet is a high _____ low ______ dietProtein, carb


  3. The Dean Ornish diet is a _________ dietVegetarian


  4. What is bad about the dietLack of calcium, B12, not a lot of protein, VERY LOW FAT


  5. It increases lifespan by how much? Is there an emphasis on physical activity?~6 years for men ~5 years for women; no