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  1. What is time consuming about this diet
  2. The abs diet for women is a ____ week plan designed to ________
  3. What are these foods
  4. Your suppose to make ____ of the ___ power foods part of every meal
  5. Nutrisystem is supported by a
  1. a 6 ; flatten belly
  2. b Red wine, dark chocolate, nuts, garlic, fish, fruits, veggies
  3. c Major clinical trial
  4. d Have to keep journal
  5. e 2-3 ; 12

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  1. 6 meals a day; exercise 3 times a week
  2. 17 days then you start over
  3. MUFA
  4. <10% ; <5 mg/day
  5. 3 ; 2

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  1. What is 2 MAJOR problemsNote enough carbs or dairy


  2. How many servings of colorful carbs should you eat (fruits)10 (con is that its hard to eat this much fruit)


  3. The Marker's Diet is a diet as well asVegetarian


  4. What is bad about the dietKetoacidosis (byproduct of lysis of fatty acids for energy source) ; impaired brain function (glucose is main source of energy for brain and your not getting any)


  5. For the biggest loser diet your calorie intake needs to be30 minutes at first then increase to 60