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  1. What does the emotional consist of
  2. Nutrisystem is supported by a
  3. What is bad about the diet
  4. Major focus is on exercise or nutrition?
  5. The biggest loser diet recommends how much exercise?
  1. a Lack of calcium, B12, not a lot of protein, VERY LOW FAT
  2. b 30 minutes at first then increase to 60
  3. c Counseling and support with nutrition counselors
  4. d Nutrition
  5. e Major clinical trial

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  1. <10% ; <5 mg/day
  2. Food, exercise, behavior, support
  3. 1200, 1600
  4. Strict
  5. Incorporating lifestyle changes such as advanced hygiene

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  1. South beach diet is an eating plan that you stay on for ________Life


  2. The zone diet supposedly reduces _________ inflammationCellular inflammation


  3. The diet revolves around ____ power foodsMediterranian food


  4. Should eat how many meals a day? Exercise how often?6 meals a day; exercise 3 times a week


  5. What are these foodsPhysical, emotional


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