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Exercise 31

Name the section of the descending aorta inferior to the diaphragm.

abdominal aorta

Blood from the celiac artery flows into three different blood vessels. What are these vessels?

splenic artey, cecum, ascending colon, tranverse colon

What vessels take blood to the kidney?

left and right renal arteries

The ovaries or testis receive blood from which arteries?

gonadal arteries

Blood in the inferior mesenteric artery travels to what organs?

transverse colon, descending colon, and rectum

In humans, where does the blood in the external iliac artery come from?

common iliac arteries

Blood from the superior mesenteric artery takes blood to what major abdominal organs?

small intestines, cecum ascending colon, transverse colon

Wht artery takes blood directly to the femoral artery?

external iliac artery

Bllod from the popliteal artey comes directly from what artery?

femoral artery

What is arteriosclerosis?

Hardening of the arteries due to biuld up of plaque under the endothelial layer.

In what part of the arterial wall does cholesterol plaque develop?

under the endothelial layer

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