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controversial painting style created with braque; shapes with sharp angles; as if looking at from all different angles at once; man and background were of equal importance and there were shifts in light; makes us question how we see the world around us; Les Demoiselles d'Avignon


early 20th century movement in art and music characterized by the incorporation of elements of primitive art, music, and dance into sophisticated art works; picasso and stravinskys


literary and artistic movement that explored the unconscious and featured the element of surprise; developed in the 1920's; founder was Andre Breton (claimed it was a revolutionary movement); picasso collaborated with the surrealists because they were creative and praised him

Spanish Civil War

broke out in 1936 as a result of economic tension; nationalists lef by General Franco fought the republicans; Guemica was bombed and thats what set it off; picasso painted the mural Guernica for the spanish Republicas pavilion at the paris world fair


1 side of the Spanish Civil war; got support from the soviet union and mexico; even after the war, men were killed by nationalists

General Franco

led the nationalists in part of the Spanish Civil War

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