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Courtesy of Ruben (@comehereman)

At last Ralph induced him to hold the shell but by then the blow of laughter had taken away the child's voice

Ralph's desire to extend democracy to the littluns but the group undermines this (hold)
Chapter 2

Piggy knelt by him, one hand on the great shell, listening and interpreting to the assembly

Piggy's role as a champion or advocate for the littluns (listening)
Chapter 2

Henry was a bit of a leader this afternoon, because the other two were Percival and Johnny

Hierarchies exist even among the littluns (leader)
Chapter 4

He became absorbed beyond mere happiness as he felt himself exercising control over living things

The desire for power exists even among the littluns (control)
Chapter 4

Johnny was left in triumphant possession of the castles

There is conflict and vying for power even among the littluns (castles)
Chapter 4

Henry and Johnny were throwing sand at Percival

There is cruelty and a tendency to prey on the weak even among the littluns (thowing)
Chapter 4

The undoubted littluns, those aged about six, led a quite distinct, and at the same time intense, life of their own

The separation of the littluns from the biguns, perhaps due to a tendency to factionalise (distinct)
Chapter 4

Sucks to the littluns!

Jack's disregard for the weak and the vulnerable
Chapter 6

"Use a littlun," said Jack, and everybody laughed

Jack and the group begin to view the littluns as subservient, comparing them to pigs (laughed)
Chapter 7

Someone's got to look after them

Ralph continues to protect the littluns
Chapter 7

They don't count

Ralph openly admits the inferiority of littluns
Chapter 10

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