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banning of trade to isolate a country; economic and political penalties used by other countries on South Africa to end apartheid

African National Congress

South Africa outlawed this group and put members in jail or drove them out of the country


South Africa's largest industrial area

Cape Town

South Africa port city founded by the Dutch; attracts many tourists


a small territory surrounded by foreign territory

Nelson Mandela

elected president of South Africa in 1994 after all races were given the right to vote


This country is rich in mineral resources and has a stable democratic government. It is on of Africa's success stories.


South African country that has lush vegetation and tropical forests


This country receives a large amount of income from taxes placed on shipments to Africa's interior


Windhoek is the capital of this country that was first to include environmental protection into its constitution


This country was renamed when Africans won their independence in Rhodesia


country made up of 4 small islands

Lesotho and Swaziland

these kingdoms are enclaves within South Africa

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