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Some scholars have questioned whether Laozi ever existed


Religions that worship the divine in many forms are known as polytheistic


Orthodox followers of a religion believe that practices must change with the times


Hindu philosophical systems include both dualistic and monistic viewpoints


The religious texts often considered to be the foundations of Sanatana Dharma are called the


The intelligent design movement seeks scientific backing for creationism


Vajrayana Buddhism is

a form of Buddhism which promises a speeded-up path to enlightenment

The most popular form of yoga is Bhakti yoga


In indigenous religions, everything is experienced as

belief or creation, myth.

The philosophical basis of Daoism is expounded in which of the following

Dao de Jing

Contemporary Buddhists do not think that Buddhism can provide answers for social problems.


There have always been about as many Buddhist monks as there are nuns


According to the Daode jing, the Dao that can be told of is the Absolute Dao


The creative rhythm of the universe is called

Dao (Tao)

Humankind is understood to be currently in the first of the four yugas or ages


Despite their geographical diversity, indigenous religions all operate within the same social context.


The god Vishnu periodically appears in earthly incarnations


Confucius' work was

known, but not considered very significant during his lifetime

Which of the time periods below was a spiritual highpoint in many cultures and included the life of the Buddha, the Hebrew prophets, and the birth of Daoism and Confucianism?

sixth century BCE

The cycle of death and rebirth is known as


Researchers have identified many similarities in the use of symbols across different cultures.


the belief that the soul leaves the dead body and enters a new one is called


The Confucian virtue ren basically means

innate goodness

The spirits sacred to indigenous religions may be worshiped only at specially constructed temples


Dukkha means


State Shinto promoted the belief that the emperor was the offspring of Amaterasu


The term "fundamentalism" was first used in reference to Muslims form the Middle East


Historical-critical studies of scriptures assert that scriptures are a mixture of many elements, inkling myths, cultural influences, ethical instructions, copying mistakes, actual history, and genuine spiritual inspiration.


Buddhist teaching differs from Hindu teaching in that

it rejects the idea of an eternal soul

Which of these terms is that closest opposite to the term transcendent?


The deity who watches over family's activities is known as

the Kitchen God

Agnosticism is an intense, personal experience of sacred reality


The Supreme Beine for most indigenous peoples is a god who is a


The number of Americans who state that they are at least partly Native American is quickly decreasing


The quality of misfortune or impurity is known as


Religious rituals may involve

all of the above

Buddhism accepts the HIndu caste system


Confucian thought was rejected in Japan


The Indian Supreme Court has refused to rules on what beliefs define Hinduism


The term anatman means

no eternal soul

Which of the following is an indigenous term for Hinduism

Sanatana Dharma

What is the name for a Hindu spiritual teacher


Samkhya and Advaita are

two major Hindu philosophical systems

Hindu tradition teaches that the Vedas are not the work of humans.


Dogma is

a system of doctrine proclaimed as absolutely true.

Mahatma Gandhi taught that it is wrong for Hindus to study other religions


There term shaman means


Which of these terms its he closest to the term Monotheistic


Indigenous religious practices are often interwoven with the practices of a global religion.


Scientific materialism asserts that

only the material world exists

Buddhism is often described as a non-theistic religion


It is common for aspects of Daoism and Confucianism to be blended in practice


In most native cultures, spiritual ways are shared

through rituals of altered consciousness

The Buddha encouraged gossip as a harmless way to analyze one's feelings towards others


A symbol for the unity that may indigenous cultures use is that of the


When indigenous ways were threatened with repression, many of the traditions were practiced

in secret

The Buddha appointed his disciple Ananda to be his successor


In many forms of Daoist practice are no longer undertaken


Siva is

The Destroyer/Re-creator

The belief that sacred reality is one underlying substance is known as


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