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  1. production marker
  2. Age, Gender, Income, Geographic location, occupation
  3. Final Cost
  4. Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Guatemala
  5. Item Advertising
  1. a pattern pieces are arranged for layout and cutting where the goal is to tightly arrange pieces to reduce waste.
  2. b manufactures cost to produce the goods, includes all costs to produce a garment including labor and material
  3. c Developing countries used for sourcing:
  4. d created to sell merchandise...that is the goal
  5. e Demographic characteristics

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  1. any store that is price directed, specialty department or r mass merch, special buys and frequent sales
  2. more costly to grade styles that have many more pieces or that are produced in many sizes
  3. not controlled by the marketer, but the primary advantage is that it is free.
  4. used to assess fit and style, represents body proportions of target customer
  5. stores with different departments: furniture,accessories, china..ect

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  1. Stock or Inventory Turngives the customer a pecific time and reason, can enhance stores ID, and builds customer loyalty.


  2. 1)putting a stores label on a slightly changed manufacturer developed product line.
    2)purchasing goods from manufactures who develop exclusively for retailer- not conventional manufactures brand merch/ well rec labels
    3)Selecting goods developed by a resident buying office for non-competing retailers (RBO)
    4)developing manufacturing goods under stores label (specification buying) Macys charter club
    Private label merchandise includes:


  3. Outlet Storesclearance stores run by retailers, out of season or slow moving merc


  4. Store operationsdecision making process for determing how or where textile and apparel products and components will be produced. Helps in competitive advantage.


  5. Presentation packagepattern pieces are arranged for layout and cutting where the goal is to tightly arrange pieces to reduce waste.