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  1. Product Developement
  2. Marker
  3. Sell-through
  4. 1)putting a stores label on a slightly changed manufacturer developed product line.
    2)purchasing goods from manufactures who develop exclusively for retailer- not conventional manufactures brand merch/ well rec labels
    3)Selecting goods developed by a resident buying office for non-competing retailers (RBO)
    4)developing manufacturing goods under stores label (specification buying) Macys charter club
  5. Multiple-unit stores (chains)
  1. a layout plan of pattern pieces
  2. b Private label merchandise includes:
  3. c US retail is dominated by large chains
  4. d The ability of a line to sell regularly and steadily at full price.
  5. e creating a garment from start to finish

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  1. staff the store with people who are qualified & trained to handle the work that needs to be done.
  2. created to sell merchandise...that is the goal
  3. charge a small membership fee, deep discounts, general merch, warehouse setting.
  4. primary goal is to make sure that merch is sold to stores that cater to the target market.
  5. A group of customers identified thru a process of market segmentation that have similar wants and needs for a ertain product or service.

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  1. tarrifstaxes assessed by government on imports


  2. Promotional Storesany store that is price directed, specialty department or r mass merch, special buys and frequent sales


  3. Outlet Storesadditional samples for sales reps and/or marketing center showrooms, also provides the opportunity for adjustments to avoid future problems


  4. develope a tight group of styles that will sell well at market.In selection styles for final adoption the goal is to:


  5. Store operationsplanning, managing, and maintaining the retail building


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