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  1. Grade rules:
  2. Intrinsic Product attributes
  3. tarrifs
  4. Promotional Stores
  5. Final Cost
  1. a taxes assessed by government on imports
  2. b cannot be changed without changing the product itself (color)
  3. c manufactures cost to produce the goods, includes all costs to produce a garment including labor and material
  4. d any store that is price directed, specialty department or r mass merch, special buys and frequent sales
  5. e more costly to grade styles that have many more pieces or that are produced in many sizes

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  1. a 12 digit number which identifies manufacturer and merchandise items by stock keeping units (sku) which includes vendor, style, color, and size.
  2. The number of times inventory is sold out & replaced in a given period.
  3. only carry private label merchandise, establish store names as brand...Gap, Limited
  4. can be altered without changing the garment (price, image, packaging)
  5. In selection styles for final adoption the goal is to:

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  1. production markerIf the labor is inexpensive, may do more by hand, rather than use expensive equipment.


  2. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)Focuses on communications between companies


  3. Wall racks, Rounders, Four-way or stars, t shaped stands, I-beams, collection fixtures.Fixtures include?


  4. Duplicatesadditional samples for sales reps and/or marketing center showrooms, also provides the opportunity for adjustments to avoid future problems


  5. Buyerlayout plan of pattern pieces