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  1. Traditional pattern making
  2. Production labor costs
  3. Presentation package
  4. tarrifs
  5. Fashion Advertising
  1. a If the labor is inexpensive, may do more by hand, rather than use expensive equipment.
  2. b Begin with a basic pattern, sloper or block, on heavywight paper called oaktag, patternmaker adds details
  3. c involves the planning writing designing and scheduling of paid announcements. largest part of the retail budget
  4. d taxes assessed by government on imports
  5. e teleconferencing and virtual computer mock-ups, planograms & Photographs

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  1. The ability of a line to sell regularly and steadily at full price.
  2. CAD (computer aided design)
  3. planning, managing, and maintaining the retail building
  4. Fixtures include?
  5. ensure consistency

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  1. 1. moderate and entry price point categories
    2.basic apparel
    3. easy-fit
    4. category with weak or no competing brand
    5. Jeans for a price point alternative to major brands
    Main Strategies in retail


  2. Retailingdecision making process for determing how or where textile and apparel products and components will be produced. Helps in competitive advantage.


  3. Pattern gradingA group of customers identified thru a process of market segmentation that have similar wants and needs for a ertain product or service.


  4. Multiple-unit stores (chains)US retail is dominated by large chains


  5. retail buyer order placement:creating a garment from start to finish


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