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  1. Wall racks, Rounders, Four-way or stars, t shaped stands, I-beams, collection fixtures.
  2. Duplicates
  3. Extrinsic product attributes
  4. Traditional pattern making
  5. Multiple-unit stores (chains)
  1. a can be altered without changing the garment (price, image, packaging)
  2. b Fixtures include?
  3. c additional samples for sales reps and/or marketing center showrooms, also provides the opportunity for adjustments to avoid future problems
  4. d Begin with a basic pattern, sloper or block, on heavywight paper called oaktag, patternmaker adds details
  5. e US retail is dominated by large chains

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  1. manufactures cost to produce the goods, includes all costs to produce a garment including labor and material
  2. If the labor is inexpensive, may do more by hand, rather than use expensive equipment.
  3. not controlled by the marketer, but the primary advantage is that it is free.
  4. Provide commodity merchandise at low prices w/limited service in a no frills environment.
  5. only carry private label merchandise, establish store names as brand...Gap, Limited

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  1. retail buyer order placement:planning, managing, and maintaining the retail building


  2. Store operationsEach pattern piece is remade for each size


  3. Markerlayout plan of pattern pieces


  4. Selective DistributionOnly certain types of stores, based on amount ordered, geographic area, ect.


  5. 1) publicity (free)
    2) Advertising (pay for it)
    3) Special events
    1. not every style presented to buyers will be produced
    2. must have suffiecent number of orders for the style and the color.