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What three nations belonged to the Triple Entente?

Russia, France, and Great Britain

What three nations belonged to the Triple Alliance?

Italy, Germany, and Austria- Hungary

Which nation annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1908?

Austria- Hungary

Which two non- Balkan nations competed for dominance of the Balkans?

Russia and Austria Hungary

Which nation greatly regretted its loss of Alsace- Lorraine to Germany in 1870?


Which nations heir to the throne was assassinated in 1914 by a Serbian nationalist?

Austria- Hungary

Which nation was unfied by Oto von Bismarck and later ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm II?


Which nation was the first to declare war in what would come to be called the Great War?

Austria- Hungary

Which of the Great Powers did not have a large army by 1914?

Great Britain

Which natino did Otto von Bismarck believe was the greatest threat to peace in Europe?


In 1917, Germany returned to its policy of unrestricted warfare, hoping to:

keep cargo ships from reaching Great Britain

World War I was a "total war" in the sense that:

the nations involved devoted all their resources to it

The system of fationing was designed to limit:

purchases of consumer goods

The purpose of propaganda during World War I was to:

influence public opinon

The immermann note, which pushed the US to enter the war, exposed the German plan to:

help Mexico regain US territory

The armistice signed near Paris in November 1918 brought an end to:

World War I

What is the policy of glorifying power and keeping an army prepared for war?


What region was referred to as the "powder keg" of Europe?

the Balkan peninsula

Who led Germany during the last decade of the 1800's and most of WWI?

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Which statement summarizes the Schlieffen Plan that Germany created to prepare for a two-front war?

Attack France first, then Russia

Why were Germany and Austria Hungary known as Central Powers?

because of their location in the heart of Europe

Which nations actions caused the US to fight in World War I?


What did the war become once the participating countries began devoting all of their resources to the war effort?

total war

What action on November 11, 1918 brought WWI to an end?

an armistice was signed

What were the Fourteen Points?

a plan for the postwar world

Who was forced to assume sole responsibility for the war under the Treaty of Versailles?


Which of the following countries completely changed its name after WWI?

Ottoman Empire

How did the United Kingdom change after WWI?

Ireland gained self-rule

From which country did Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Yugoslavia gain independence?

Austria Hungary

Around which body of water did the greatest number of new countries emerge after World War I?

Baltic Sea

After the war, which country had a province separated from it by states that had gained independence?


How many more troops did the Allied Powers have than the Central Powers?

19 million

Which nation lost the most troops?


Which countries each lost more than a million troops from battlefield deaths?

Austria Hungary, France, Rusia and Germany

Which country lost the smallest number of trops rom battlefield deaths?


How many troops did Russia lose, even though it pulled out of the war early?


This country was annexed to Austria Hungary in the early 1900's


This country was blamed for the War


This country was first in the Triple Alliance but then later on fought with the Allied Powers


This empire controlled the Balkans before the 1900's


Franz Ferdinand the heir to the throne of this country

Austria Hungary

This country lost Alsace Lorraine to Germany in the late 1800's.


This Asian country fought with the Allies


Germany hoped to starve this country into surrender by a naval blockade

Great Britain

The man who shot Franz Ferdinand was from this country


This country was not industrialized but had many men


Area nicknamed "powder keg of Europe"

The Balkans

Who did Kaiser Wilhelm II force to resign?

Otto Van Bismarck

Germany wanted to isolate this country


This ran along the France and German border for 500 miles

Western Front

This caused Russia to have to withdraw from WWI

Civil unrest

This was the space between the 2 opposnig trenches

no mans land

What country had unrestricted submarine warfare?


The name of the ship that was sunk in 1915 and had 128 Americans onboard.


President of the US during WWI


The original 2 Central powers:

Germany and Austria Hungary

One sided information desinged to persuade people


Name of the Treaty Russia signed with Germany when they got out of war

Brest Litovsk

This stated the Germans would help Mexico get back its lands in America if they sided with them

Zimmermann note

Name of the proposed peace keeping organization after the war

14 points

Georges Clemenceau represented this country at the WWI peace talks


David Lloyd George represented this country at the WWI peace talks

Great Britain

Russia, Britian, and France were known as this side in WWI

Triple Entente

Where the peace talks met after the war


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