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NWD Final -- Brazil

How does the term "hybrid" relate to Brazilian dance?
dance becomes a mode of survival for culture as it carries several messages
What does "paradigm" mean?
a new model
Afro-Brazilian spirit possession religion, with origins in Yoruba religious ritual created by African salves and their descendants
What is the name of the temple or cult center where Condomble ceremonies are held?
Which religion's purpose was to maintain connection with African roots, strengthen connection with chosen saint/Orisha, to call upon a specific Orisha for protection?
Which religion helped slaves to worship own gods in disguise as Catholic saints?
What are public Condomble ceremonies called?
The goal of WHAT is to invite Orisha to come into the space and the spirit to enter the worshipper?
Where was Oro/Condomble developed?
In Bahia in northeast Brazil
What is considered the national dance of Brazil?
What is the name of the "ring samba," from Bahia, generally danced by women, and an older type of samba?
samba de roda
When do Carnival parades takes place?
Before the beginning of Lent
A solo style of samba, usually danced by women and seen a lot during Carnival in Rio
Samba No Pe
What kind of samba is a popular dance style?
samba de gafiera
Who are the groups who raise awareness of African heritage of so many people in Brazil?
Blocos Afros and Afoxe
What is the name of the dance and music performance company whose president/director is Joao Jorge Santos Rodrigues?
Grupo Dultural Olodum
What is considered the national sport of Brazil?
What originates from slave trade, when African slaves created a defense system disguised as a game-like dance in the slave quarters of Brazilian plantations?
Independent black communities in the backlands of Brazil
What did the word "capoeira" used to refer to?
lower class
Style of capoeira that is strategic rather than forceful, considered more traditional, low to ground movements, slower style w/ less acrobatics and less flashy, psychological dominance, and less popular until 1970s when capoeirists became more interested in tradition?
Style of capoeira that is faster, rougher and more like martial arts?
Whose influence led to the governor of Brazil lifting on the ban on capoeira?
Mestre Bimba
What style of capoeira was Mestre Bimba associated with?
The circle of all capoeira participants, including dancers, musicians & singers
to swing or rock, fundamental movement; describe a triangular pattern with feet
What instrument, played by the mestre, determines the rhythm of capoeira?
large drum
large tambourine