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  1. An area on the skin supplied by motor nerve fibers
  2. Triangular
  3. Multipennate
  4. Efferent, afferent
  5. Sagittal
  1. a A myotome refers to
  2. b The motion that occurs around a knee joint when kicking a soccer ball occurs in the _____plane
  3. c An example of muscles where the fibers run obliquely, and which have smaller range of motion but greater strength potential
  4. d The muscle fiber arrangement that is made up of flat fan-shaped fibers radiating from a narrow attachment at one end to a broad attachment at the other is
  5. e _______ impulses travel from the brain to the body's periphery, and ______ impulses

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  1. The ______ joint is a biaxial joint because it allows motion in two places
  2. An example of a muscle with the a triangular muscle fiber arrangement
  3. The tract that is also called the pyramidial tract and which carries motor impulses is called
  4. The Sartorius muscle is an example of a _________ muscle
  5. The brachial plexus supplies

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  1. AcetabulofemoralThe _____ joint is a triaxial joint because it allows motion in 3 planes


  2. Amphiarthrosis/CartilaginousThe intervertebral disks are examples of what type of joint


  3. AntagonistA jumping jack would occur in the ______ plane


  4. In the opposite direction the body segment is movingThe lumbosacral plexus


  5. EccentricallyIn the anatomical position when the elbow moves from flexion to extension while slowing the effects of gravity the biceps brachii is moving


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