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  1. Eccentrically
  2. Amphiarthrosis/Cartilaginous
  3. Acetabulofemoral
  4. Antagonist
  5. Frontal lobe
  1. a Where is the motor cortex located
  2. b The intervertebral disks are examples of what type of joint
  3. c The muscle which is relaxed while the primary mover contracts is known as the
  4. d The _____ joint is a triaxial joint because it allows motion in 3 planes
  5. e In the anatomical position when the elbow moves from flexion to extension while slowing the effects of gravity the biceps brachii is moving

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  1. The radius is what type of bone
  2. Osgood-Schlatter disease occurs in growing children who are active in sports and experience pain when the patellar tendon becomes inflamed at the
  3. _______ impulses travel from the brain to the body's periphery, and ______ impulses
  4. The type of movement that occurs when you push a box across the floor is termed
  5. An example of a muscle with the a triangular muscle fiber arrangement

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  1. BrainstemA jumping jack would occur in the ______ plane


  2. IWhich of the following cranial nerves has a sensory and motor function


  3. Size and shapeThe rhomboid major muscle is named for what properties


  4. MultipennateThe type of movement that occurs when you push a box across the floor is termed


  5. Corticospinal tractThe tract that is also called the pyramidial tract and which carries motor impulses is called