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  1. Metacarpophalangeal
  2. VII
  3. Open kinetic chain
  4. Concentric
  5. Low muscle tone
  1. a During a _____ reaction the insertion moves toward the orgin
  2. b Bell's Palsy is the result of a lesion to which cranial nerve
  3. c Signs and symptoms of a upper motor neuron lesion include all of the following except
  4. d The ______ joint is a biaxial joint because it allows motion in two places
  5. e During a contraction the muslce length shortens as the muscle attachment moves toward each other

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  1. What is the innervation of the diaphragm
  2. Which of the following is not part of the axial skeleton
  3. Which of the following cranial nerves has a sensory and motor function
  4. Where is the motor cortex located
  5. An example of muscles where the fibers run obliquely, and which have smaller range of motion but greater strength potential

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  1. TriangularThe muscle fiber arrangement that is made up of flat fan-shaped fibers radiating from a narrow attachment at one end to a broad attachment at the other is


  2. FusiformThe Biceps Brachii is a _____ muscle


  3. In the opposite direction the body segment is movingThe lumbosacral plexus


  4. ElasticityThe ability of a muscle to return to resting length after the stretching or shortening force had been removed is called


  5. SagittalThe motion that occurs around a knee joint when kicking a soccer ball occurs in the _____plane


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