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  1. Size and shape
  2. Rectilinear
  3. Brainstem
  4. V
  5. Long
  1. a The part of the brain which controls life-supporting functions (heart rate, respiratory rate) is the
  2. b Which of the following cranial nerves has a sensory and motor function
  3. c The radius is what type of bone
  4. d The type of movement that occurs when you push a box across the floor is termed
  5. e The rhomboid major muscle is named for what properties

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  1. The tract that is also called the pyramidial tract and which carries motor impulses is called
  2. The ______ joint is a biaxial joint because it allows motion in two places
  3. The ability of a muscle to return to resting length after the stretching or shortening force had been removed is called
  4. The Sartorius muscle is an example of a _________ muscle
  5. In the anatomical position the shoulder is______ to the elbow

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  1. In the opposite direction the body segment is movingA convex surface will move on a concave surface


  2. FacialA jumping jack would occur in the ______ plane


  3. SagittalWhat is the name of the cranial nerve that when damaged results in Bell's Palsy


  4. EccentricallyIn the anatomical position when the elbow moves from flexion to extension while slowing the effects of gravity the biceps brachii is moving


  5. Low muscle toneSigns and symptoms of a upper motor neuron lesion include all of the following except