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(After a whole summer, my brain became a) STAGNATE (mush)

to become inactive; to become stale (standing; s)

(Brady is a very) BELLICOSE (person)

warlike in manner (war; b)

(The attacker will) ASSAIL (the victim from behind in this next scene)

to attack or assault (at + leap; a)

INSTIGATE(D) (by his friends, Mark jumped into the river)

to goad; to urge on (i)

(Picasso's) PROVOCATIVE (artwork has inspired many artists to begin thinking out of the box)

tending to aggravate or stimulate (forth + to call; p)

(Dad has a) PROPENSITY (for cooking the same things over and over again during certain spans)

a natural inclination; a tendency (forth; p)

(Her toast was inappropriately) ACRIMONIOUS, (and we could all tell that she had not forgiven her friend)

bitterness of feeling; harsh words (bitter + action or condition; a)

(How can this) CACOPHONY (coming out of my son's bedroom be today's popular music?)

discord; harsh sounds (ugly + sound; c)

(Although they claimed to love animals, the conditions at their run-down shelter were) DEPLORABLE

worthy of reproach or censure (to cry out in sorrow; d)

(Emma is so angelic that her most) EGREGIOUS (action was accidentally hitting a girl when trying to score a goal in field hockey)

offensively bad; reprehensible (e)

(When all the seniors cut assembly, Mr. Bland placed them under) ASTRINGENT (punishments)

caustic; pungent (a)

(The nomads were a) PERIPATETIC (clan; they never stayed in the same place very long)

traveling from place to place (around + to walk; p)

(The zoo visitors were) IMPEL(LED into action by the announcement that a lion was loose)

to put into motion; to urge (force; i)

(My) PERIPHERAL (vision is blurrier than my direct vision)

located on the outer boundary (around; p)

(That) VAGRANT (hobo tends to hang out around the soup kitchen here or in the alley down the street)

wandering from place to place (wandering; v)

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