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biopsy (Bx)

removal of a small piece of tissue for microscopic pathological examination

excisional Bx

removal of an entire lesion

incisional Bx

removal of a selected portion of a lesion

shave Bx

a technique using a surgical blade to "shave" tissue from the epidermis and upper dermis

culture and sensitivity (C&S)

microorganisms to identify a pathogen and to determine which drugs might be effective in combating the infection it has caused

frozen section (FS)

a surgical method involving cutting a thin piece of tissue from a frozen specimen for immediate pathological examination

skin tests

methods for determining the reaction of the body to a given substance by applying it to, or injecting it into, the skin - commonly seen in treating allergy

scratch test

the substance is applied to the skin through a scratch

path test

the substance is applied topically to the skin on a small piece of blotting paper or wet cloth

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