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"Spanish is Fun" Lecciones 9 y 11: vocabulario

el profesor
the teacher (m)
la profesora
the teacher (f)
el médico
the doctor (m)
la médica
the doctor (f)
el dentista
the dentist (m)
la dentista
the dentist (f)
el secretario
the secretary (m)
la secretaria
the secretary (f)
el artista
the artist (m)
la artista
the artist (f)
el actor
the actor (m)
la actriz
the actor (f)
el camarero
the waiter (m)
la camarera
the waitress (f)
el enfermero
the nurse (m)
la enfermera
the nurse (f)
el abogado
the lawyer (m)
la abogada
the lawyer (f)
el policía
the police officer (m)
la policía
the police officer (f)
el cartero
the letter carrier (m)
la cartera
the letter carrier (f)
el bombero
the firefighter (m)
la bombera
the firefighter (f)
enfermo/a/os/as (adjetivo)
sick (adjective)
sucio/a/os/as (adjetivo)
dirty (adjective)
limpio/a/os/as (adjetivo)
clean (adjective)
sentado/a/os/as (adjetivo)
seated (adjective)
triste/s (adjetivo)
sad (adjective)
contento/a/os/as (adjetivo)
glad, happy (adjective)