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Which of the following is the process of sharing files between two or more computers?

peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing

Which of the following uses radio waves to transmit data signals over short distances and does not need a direct line of sight?


Which of the following describes the number of times an analog wave is measured each second during an analog-to-digital conversion?

Sampling rate

A portable media player can play files with all of the following file extensions EXCEPT...


Which of the following statements is NOT true about the JPEG file format?

JPEG's are larger than raw files

______ is a single cable that carries all audio and video information from devices connected to a TV to the TV itself


Text prediction ______ provide a list of popular words and save typing time when using text messaging.


Ensuring that two devices, for example, a PC and a cell phone or smartphone, have the same files is the process of _______


The newest cell/smartphone displays are ____, which allow bright, sharp imaging and draw less power.


All of the following are advantages of VoIP EXCEPT:


Opera Mobile is an example of

a microbrowser

A base transceiver station receives a request for cellular service and passes that request to a central location called a _____

mobile switching center

Images are a representation of light waves called_____ or continuous waves


Web content specially designed for viewing via a cell phone or smartphone is written in a format called _____

WML (Wireless Markup Language)

______ is a special copyleft license used for software


The most full-featured and powerful cell phones are put in the category of


A _____ is included in a cell phone to handle the compression of data for it to be quixkly transmitted to another phone

digital signal processor

Text messagin is also called_____

short message service (SMS)

An iPod is an example of a

portable media player (PMP)

An analog-to=digital converter chip _____

converts the sound waves from a voice into digital signals

You can block logical ports to invaders and make your computer invisible to others on the internet by installing ______

a firewall

Drive-by downloads occur when

a Web site downloads harmful software onto your computer

Which of the following classifications of viruses can change its own code to avoid detection?


A ____ works independently of host file execution and is much more active in spreading itself than a virus is.


The purpose of netowrk address translation (NAT) is to

hide user IP addresses from the internet

Which of the following statements about cookies is NOT true?

Cookies obtain your personal information by searching your hard drive

A cyberspace ___ is an attempt to make someone believe something that is untrue.


_____ encourages internet users to reaveal sensitive information that could lead to identity theft by sending e-mails that lok like they are from legitimate companies but are, in fact, fake


Devices that use a unique personal characteristic, such as a fingerprint, in place of a password are called _____ authentication devices


Which of the following is a program that appears to be something useful or desirable but does something malicious in the background?

a Trojan horse

Many ____ sold for home use are also configured as firewalls and are capable of performng network address translation (NAT)


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