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Imagine you and your friend are having a discussion about politics. Your friend makes an argument that puts your views into disequilibrium. If you respond by believing that your friend is simply uninformed or dumb, Piaget would say that you are demonstrating


According to modern scientific evidence on the concept of bonding

For proper nurturing to occur, immediate skin-to-skin contact is not necessary

Henry was adopted and is genetically predisposed toward alcoholism. However, his adoptive family does not drink; they actively avoid alcohol for religious reasons. Given Henry's genetic potential

alcoholism might not appear in Henry's phenotype

Piaget believed children begin to develop cognitively at


In Erikson's theory, the infant's earliest task is described as that of

learning whether the world can be trusted to meet basic needs

Secondary prevention involves

responding to the first warning signs of a problem

The ability to control one's impulsiveness appears to be directly related to the development of the

prefrontal cortex

Which information is most likely to be in your curent working memory

the answer tot his question

Although the test you are now taking measures many things, it is supposed to be a test of


The most devastating problem for autistic individuals as they grow up is their lack of

social understanding

Piaget has provided us with the ______of children's concepts, whereas Vygotsky has provided us with the _______.

individual context; social context

Treatments for obesity in children

Should emphasize increased activity

What is the most frequently abused drug among North American teenagers?


The ability to enjoy life is measured by

mobility and vitality

Gender differences in senescence indicate that

women age more slowly

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