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At the time of the Han dynasty, which people particularly threatened China from the north?
the Huns
Why is Zhang Qian often called the Father of the Silk Road?
This explorer brought back word of Western cultures
Why did people in China want horses from Central Asia?
The horses were larger and stronger than the Chinese horses
What made silk valuable in the West?
The Chinese were the only ones who knew how to make it.
One of the most important Roman products that trade along the Silk Road brought to China was
The Silk Road split into a northern route and a southern route. What was one advantage of taking the
Oases were closer together
What was the most important reason why traders formed long caravans to cross the desert?
To protect each other
What belongs in the blank space on the diagram?
fine dishware
Merchants used camels to move goods on the Eastern Silk Road. What animals carried goods on the Western
Which part of the Silk Road exposed travelers to the dangers listed below?
• Lack of oxygen
• Narrow passes
• Steep cliffs
• Snowstorms
the Pamir Mountains
Why did the Western Silk Road end at Mediterranean ports such as Antioch?
Goods could be loaded there onto ships to be taken to other lands
What is the likely reason why the Roman emperor told Romans not to wear silk?
He worried that buying silk was taking too much of the empire's gold.
Which of these facts relating to the Silk Road is an example of cultural diffusion?
Europeans learned some Chinese manufacturing methods
What does a peach ,grape fruit and flower have in common
They all came to the West from China
How did the Silk Road most affect the spread of Buddhism?
Travelers carried Buddhist beliefs from India to China
When some Chinese Buddhists crossed Central Asia to learn more about their religion, what did they bring
Sacred texts from India
What does it mean when a country imports goods?
he country brings goods in from other countries.
How did trade on the Silk Road affect what people ate in China?
Trade brought new foods to China.
What is an accurate example of cultural diffusion?
Knowledge of silk making spread from China to the West.
At the western end of the Silk Road, how were goods moved from ports on the Mediterranean such as Antioch?
by ships
Two products the Romans exchanged for Chinese silk were
glassware and gold
Which physical feature made it most difficult for traders to travel the Western Silk Road?
What was the main reason why traders crossed the desert traveling in caravans?
to make it safer to travel
What have been the greatest danger to traders crossing the Taklimakan Desert?
The Silk Road was important because
it linked Asian and western cultures for more a thousand years.
What is an example of an idea spread by the Silk Road?
Chinese explorer Zhang Qian is known as the Father of the Silk Road because
he opened the way for trade between China and its western neighbors.
In ancient times, silk was a valuable good for China to trade because
only the Chinese knew how to make it.
Silk is a fiber that comes from
silkworm cocoons
The Great Wall of China lay to the north of part of the Eastern Silk Road. How did the Great Wall affect travelers on the Silk Road?
The Great Wall gave protection against bandits from the north.
When traveling in the Pamir mountains, what dangers did travelers face?
Lack of oxygen, narrow passes, steep cliffs, snowstorms.
List some examples of cultural diffusion that occured due to the Silk Road.
Europeans learned some Chinese manufacturing methods.
Who is the Father of the Silk Road?
Zhang Qian
What was Zhang Qian's first mission?
To persuade people to form an alliance with the Han
How many times was he captured by the Huns?
Twice, but both times, he managed to escape from the Huns.
What did Zhang discover on his missions?
He discovered places of trade like Persia, Syria, India, and Rome.
What was the purpose of Zhang's second mission?
To get Europian Horses
What did the Chinese do to make sure nobody learns how to make silk?
If anybody reveals the secret, the person will be executed.
What were the two main parts of the silk road?
Eastern Silk Road, and the Western Silk Road.
Why was silk highly wanted?
It was soft, light and warm, but also strong. It was a rare item that was exciting.
How was the Silk Road formed?
It was formed by connected small trade routes to make bigger ones.
Through what areas did the eastern silk road pass?
Tibet, China, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekiostan
What was it like to travel along the eastern silk road?
here were many bandit attacks and there was often a large number of sand storms. Also the travelers were lured off by mirages
What was it like to travel along the western silk road?
There were many animals and people that died there from narrow trails. Also many people experienced headaches, dizziness, and ringing in the ear from the lack of altitude
How was Buddhism introduced into China
Missionaries traveling along the Silk Road brought religion with them
What goods did people from India bring to trade on the Silk Roads?
cotton, spices, pearls and ivory
Why did the Roman emperor most likely forbid men to wear silk?
He wanted to reduce the amount of gold that was flowing out of his empire.
How did cultural diffusion through the silk road spread Buddhism in China?
Chinese Buddhist journeyed on foot across Central Asia to India to learn more about their new religion.
Why is Kashgar a major trading center on the Silk Roads?
It was half way and connected the Eastern and Western Silk Road
how far did the Silk Road stretch
four thousand miles
from Luoyang, the silk road led west along which desert
Sometimes when people try to accomplish one goal, they end up accomplishing another. What was Zhang Qian trying to do when he learned about the places west of China?
He was trying to find allies to fight the Huns.
silk road
a network of trade routes that stretched for more than four thousand miles across Asia
trade route
A network of roads along which traders traveled
a group of people traveling together
cultural diffusion
The spreading of cultural traits, such as goods and ideas from one culture to another, or within a culture
Nickname of dangerous and narrow mountain passes.
Trail of Bones
How long is the Silk Road?
4,000 miles
The number of men the traveled west with Zhang Qian.
The number of times Zhang Qian was taken prisoner by the Huns.
what was the most important thing carried along the Silk Road?
what are the reasons why people traveled in caravans?
protection and support along the route