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is the condition that exists when social regulations (norms) in a society break down


one form of deviance, specifically behavior that violates criminal laws


the study of crime from a scientific perspective


behavior that is recognized as violating expected rules and norms

Labeling theory

a theory that interprets the responses o other as most significant in understanding deviant behavior

Structural strain theory

a theory that interprets deviance as originating in the tensions that exist in society between cultural goals and the means people have to achieve those goals

Differential association theory

theory that interprets deviance as behavior one learns through interaction with others

Caste system

a system of stratification (characterized by low social mobility) in which one's place in the stratification system is determined by birth


the monetary value of everything one actually owns


the amount of money brought into a household from various sources during a year

Educational attainment

the total years of formal education

Estate system

a system of stratification in which the ownership of property and the exercise of power is monopolized by and elite or noble class that has total control over social resources

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