Art Exam Notes

Jacob Lawrence
This artist is considered one of the leading figures in 20th century American art. He studied at the Harlem Art Workshop and worked for the W.P.S. during the Great Depression.
Diego Rivera
This 20th century artist was a master of the fresco technique; he created the work Mixtec Culture.
Coloring material or powdered color.
This painting technique first used in Egypt, Greece and Rome involves the use of wax.
Plaster support
In buon fresco, or true fresco, pigments is mixed with water and applied to __________ __________.
After building a canvas and before painting it, a painter generally applies a coat of __________.
In fresco painting, a drawing called a __________ is transferred to the prepared surface prior to applying the pigment.
Andrew Wyeth
This artist used tempura to create the painting titled "That Gentlemen".
A path traced by a moving point.
The surrounding visual information the figure stands out from, the background.
Positive Shapes
The shapes we perceive as figures.
The technique in which artists employ value.
Areas of dots average out through optical mixing into values.
The colors orange, green, and violet are known as __________ colors.
Refers to relative lightness or darkness.
Actual Texture
A quality we could experience through touch.
Implied Texture
Something less literal; we may speak of this in a painting or drawing when markings our eyes associate with texture are there, whether they actually depict texture or not.
Any decorative, repetitive motif or design.
Creating a darker color, like maroon.
Vanishing Point
Parallel lines receding into the distance seem to converge, until they meet at a point on the horizon line where they disappear.
Line, shape, mass, light, value, color, texture, shape, and possible time and motion.
Visual elements in an art work usually in two dimensional art.
A sense of oneness of things belonging together and making up a coherent whole.
Conceptual Unity
Unity of ideas.
Symmetrical Balance
The implied center of gravity is the vertical axis, an imaginary line draw down the center of the composition.
Asymmetrical Balance
Has two sides that do not match.
The Upper Paleolithic Period
Radiocarbon testing indicates that the earliest images made by humans dates back to this time.
The impulse to make and respond to art appears to be as deeply ingrained as our ability to learn __________.
Anthony Caro
Which British artist from your book said "all art is basically Paleolithic or Neolithic"?