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  1. Cycloid (Challenge)
  2. Encyclopedic
  3. Circuitous
  5. Transfigure (Challenge)
  1. a adj. Possessing information about many subjects or intensively about one subject
  2. b v. 1. To change in outward form or appearance; transform 2. To change so as to glorify or exalt
  3. c <G. "wheel," "circle"
  4. d adj. 1. Resembling a circle; circular 2. Smooth-edged, more or less circular in form, and having concentric striations 3. (of a fish) Having such scales 4. Psychiatry, of or noting a personality type characterized by wide fluctuation in mood within the normal range n. 5. A cycloid fish 6. Geometry, a curve generated by a point on the circumference of a circle that rolls, without slipping, on a straight line
  5. e adj. Roundabout; indirect

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  1. adv. prep. About; (used especially in) approximate dates
  2. <L. "form," "shape"
  3. adj. Cautious and watchful; prudent
  4. adj. Occurring or moving in cycles
  5. n. An accelerator in which particles are propelled in spiral paths by the use of a constant magnetic field

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  1. CIRCUM<L. "circle," "anything round"


  2. Configurationadj. Using figures of speech; symbolic, not literal


  3. Circumlocution (Challenge)adj. Rotating about or surrounding the moon


  4. Figurative<L. "form," "shape"


  5. Circlet (Challenge)n. 1. Circle; ring 2. A bowl-shaped, steep-walled mountain basin carved by glaciation, often containing a small, round lake