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  • A well-designed rivet joint will subject the rivets to?
    Shear loads
  • Alloy 2117 rivets are heat treated?
    By the manufacturer and do not require heat treatment before being driven
  • The shop head of a rivet should be?
    One and one-half times the diameter of the rivet shank
  • Which statement is true regarding the inspection of a stressed skin metal wing assembly known to have been critically loaded?
    If genuine rivet tipping has occurred, groups of consecutive rivet heads will be tipped in the same direction
  • If the angle of the rivet head is 100* what angle is each side?
    Each side is 130* so 130*+130*+100*= 360*
  • What is one factors which permits machine countersinking when flush riveting?
    Thinkness of the material is greater than the thinkness of the rivet head.
  • For a counter sunk rivet to be good it should?
    Be flush on top and a good tail on bottom.
  • What is indicated by a black smoky residue streaming back from some of the rivets on an aircraft?
    Fretting corrosion is occurring between the rivets and the skin.
  • The identifying marks on the heads of aluminum alloy rivets indicate the?
    Specific alloy used in the manufacture of the rivet.
  • When an MS20470D rivet is installed, its full shear strength is obtained?
    Only after a period of age hardening
  • What is the purpose of refrigerating 2017 and 2024 aluminum alloy rivets after heat treatment?
    To retard age hardening.
  • Under certain conditions, type A rivets are not used because of their?
    Low strength characteristics.
  • A rivet set used to drive MS20470 rivets should?
    Have a slightly greater radius than the rivet head.
  • Heat-treated rivets in the D and DD series that are not driven within the prescribed time after heat treatment or removal from refrigeration?
    Must be reheat treated before use
  • The dimensions of an MS20430AD-4-8 rivet are?
    1/8 inch in diameter and ½ inch long.
  • Most rivets used in aircraft construction have?
  • MS20426AD-6-5 indicate a countersunk rivet which has?
    An overall length of 5/16 inch
  • Which rivet may be used as receiver without further treatment?
  • What is the grip length of the flush rivet?
    The grip length of a rivet is the total thickness of the material held together by the rivet.
  • Mild steel rivets are used for riveting?
    Steel parts
  • A DD rivet is heat treated before use to?
    Soften to facilitate riveting
  • What is generally the best procedure to use when removing a solid shank rivet?
    Drill to the base of the manufactured rivet head with a drill one size smaller than the rivet shank and remove the rivet with a punch.
  • Joggles in removed rivet shanks would indicate partial?
    Shear failure
  • What type loads cause the most rivet failures?
  • Which rivet is used for riveting magnesium alloy structures?
    5056 aluminum
  • Which rivet is used for riveting nickel-steel alloys?
  • Structure/Alloys
  • What is the purpose of a gusset or gusset plate used in the construction and repair of aircraft structures?
    To join and reinforce intersecting structural members
  • Longitudinal fore and aft structural members of a semi-monocoque fuselage are called?
    Longerons and stringers
  • When straightening members made of 2024-T4 you should?
    Straighten cold and reinforce
  • Clad aluminum alloys are used in aircraft because they?
    Are less subject to corrosion than uncoated aluminum alloys
  • Which statement is true regarding a cantilever wing?
    No external bracing is needed
  • Aircraft structural units such as spars engine supports etc. which have been built up from sheet metal are normally?
    Repairable using approved methods
  • Parts fabricated from alclad 2024-T3 aluminum sheet stock must have all?
    Scratches kinks tools nicks etc held to a minimum
  • The monocoque fuselage relies largely on the strength of?
    Skin or covering
  • Which part of a semi-monocoque fuselage prevent tension and compression from bending the fuselage?
    Longerons and stringers
  • The primary alloying agent of 2024-T3 is indicated by the number?
    The first digit 2
  • Which part of the 2017-T36 aluminum alloy designation indicates the primary alloying agent used in its manufacture?
    The first digit 2
  • When riveting dissimilar metals together what precautions must be taken to prevent an electrolytic action?
    Place a protective separator between areas of potential electrical difference
  • You can distinguish between aluminum and aluminum alloy by?
    Testing with a 10 percent solution of caustic soda
  • The aluminum alloys used in aircraft construction are usually hardened by which method?
    Heat treatment
  • Layout
  • The general rule for finding the proper rivet diameter is?
    Three times the thinkness of the thinkest sheet
  • How many MS20470 AD-4-6 rivets will be required to attach a 10" x 5" plate using a single row of rivets minimum edge distance and 4D spacing?
  • A single-lap sheet splice is to be used to repair a section of damaged aluminum skin. If a double tow of 1/8 inch rivets is used the minimum allowable overlap will be?
    13/16 inch
  • What is the minimum edge distance allowed for aluminum alloy single lap sheet splices containing a single row of rivets as compared to a joint with multiple rows all rivets being equal in diameter?
    The minimum edge distance for the single row is equal to that for the multiple row.
  • What is the minimum edge distance for aircraft rivets?
    Two times the diameter of the rivet shank.
  • What is the minimum spacing for a single row of aircraft rivets?
    Three times the diameter of the rivets shank
  • When repairing a small hole on a metal stressed skin the major consideration in the design of the patch should be?
    The shear strength of the riveted joint
  • Repairs or splices involving stringer on the lower surface of stressed skin metal wings are usually?
    Permitted but are normally more critical in reference to strength in tension than similar repairs to the upper surface.
  • A factor which determines the minimum space between rivets in the ?
    diameter of the rivets being used
  • Rivet gauge or transverse pitch is the distance between the?
    Centers of rivets in adjacent rows
  • Rivet pitch is the distance between the?
    Centers of adjacent rivets in the same row
  • Which of the following need not be considered when determining minimum rivet spacing?
    Rivet length
  • A sheet metal repair is to be made using two piece of 0.040-inch aluminum riveted together all rivet holes are drilled for 3/32-inch rivets the length of the rivets to be used will be?
    ¼ inch
  • Which rivets should be selected to join two sheets of .032-inch aluminum?
  • A sheet metal repair is to be made using two pieces of 0.0625-inch aluminum riveted together all rivet holes are dri9lled for 1/8-inch rivets the length of the rivets to be used will be?
    5/16 inch
  • The length of a rivet to be used to join a sheet of .032-inch and .064-inch aluminum alloy should be equal to?
    One and one-half times the rivet diameter plus .096 inch
  • the length of rivet to be chosen when making a structural repair that involves the joining of 0.032-inch and 0.064-inch aluminum sheet drilled with a No. 30 drill is?
    5/16 inch
  • Drilling/tools
  • Select the alternative which best describes the function of the flute section of a twist drill?
    Forms the cutting edges of the drill point
  • What should be the included angle of a twist drill for soft metals?
  • When comparing the machining techniques for stainless steel sheet material to those for aluminum alloy sheet it is normally considered good practice to drill the stainless steel at a?
    lower speed with more pressure applied to the drill
  • When drilling stainless steel the drill used should have an included angle of?
    140* and turn at a low speed
  • Which procedure is correct when using a reamer to finish a drilled hole to the correct size?
    Turn the reamer only in the cutting direction
  • What should be the included angle of a twist drill for hard metal?
  • Shallow scratches in sheet metal may be repaired by?
  • Which is correct concerning the use of a file?
    Apply pressure on the forward stroke only except when filing very soft metals such as lead or aluminum
  • Structural fasteners
  • A main difference between lockbolt/huckbolt tension and shear fasteners other than their application is in the?
    Number of locking collar grooves
  • One of the main advantages of hi-lok fasteners over earlier generations is that?
    They can be installed with ordinary hand tools
  • The markings on the head of a Dzus fastener identify the?
    Body diameter type of head and length of the fastener
  • The dzus turnlock fastener consists of a stud grommet and receptacle the stud length is measured in?
    hundredths of an inch
  • The dzus turnlock fastener consists of a stud grommet and receptacle the stud diameter is measured in?
    sixteenths of an inch
  • Threaded rivets rivnuts are commonly used to?
    Attach parts or components with screws to sheet metal.
  • The installation of cherry max and onlympic-lok rivets is accomplished by utilizing?
    A pulling tool.
  • Forming/bending
  • How to find the length of a flat?
    Take the mold-line length minus metal thickness = length of flat
  • How to find the requirement s to make a 90 degree angle?
    BA = 2 pie times the total of R plus one half T than take the total divided by 4
  • How to find the length of a flat?
    Take the mold-line minus metal thinkness + length of flat
  • How to find the flat layout dimension?
    Take the dimension of flat A + the dimensions of flat B plus bend allowance formula
  • If a streamline cover plate is to be hand formed using a form block, a piece of dead soft aluminum should first be placed over the hollow portion of the mold and securely fastened in place. The bumping operation should be?
    Started by tapping the aluminum lightly around the edges and gradually working down into the center.
  • A piece of flat stock that is to be bent to a closed angle of 10 degrees must be bent throughan angle of?
    `165 degree
  • When a piece of aluminum alloy is to be bent using a minimum radius for the type and thickness of material?
    The layout should be made so that the bend will be 90 degree to the grain of the sheet
  • the flat layout or blank length of a piece of metal from which a simple L-shaped bracket 3 inches by 1 inch is to be bent depends upon the radius of the desired bend the bracket which will require the greatest amount of material is one which has a bend radius of?
    1/8 inch
  • if it is necessary to compute a bend allowance problem and bend allowance tables are not available the neutral axis of the bend can be?
    Found by adding approximately one-half of the stock thinkness to the bend radius
  • unless otherwise specified the radius of a bend is the?
    Inside radius of the mater being formed
  • the sharpest bend that can be placed in a piece of metal without critically weakening the part is called the?
    Minimum radius of bend
  • the most important factors needed to make a flat pattern layout are?
    Radius thickness and degree of bend
  • a piece of sheet metal is bent to a certain radius the curvature of the bend is referred to as the?
    Bend radius
  • the purpose of a joggle is to?
    Allow clearance for a sheet or an extrusion
  • when bending metal the material on the outside of the curve stretches while the material on the inside of the curve compresses that part of the material which is not affected by either stress is the?
    Neutral line
  • what is the formula for set back?
    Setback = R + T
  • the sight line on a sheet metal flat layout to be bent in a cornice or box brake is measured and marked?
    One radius from the bend tangent line that is placed under the brake
  • on a sheet metal fitting layout with a single bend allow for stretching by?
    Subtracting the setback from both legs
  • the aluminum alloys used in aircraft construction are usually hardened by which method?
    Heat treatment
  • Welding
  • in gas tungsten arc (GTA) welding a stream of inert gas is used to?
    Prevent the formation of ixides in the puddle
  • when wilding magnesium the filler rod must be?
    Of the same composition as the base metal and one prepared by the manufacturer to fuse with his alloy
  • which statement is true in regard to welding heat treated magnesium?
    The welded section does not have the strength of the original metal
  • the oxyacetylene flame for silver soldering should be?
  • why is it necessary to use flux in all silver soldering operations?
    To chemically clean the base metal of oxide film
  • engine mount members should preferably by repaired by using a?
    larger diameter tube with fishmouth and rosette welds
  • what method of repair is recommended for a steel tube longeron dented at a cluster?
    Welded patch plate
  • welding over brazed or soldered joints is?
    Not permitted
  • what is soldering?
    Joints in electric wire to be soldered should be mechanically secure prior to soldering.
  • A resurfaced soldering iron cannot be used effectively until after the working face has been?
  • Which of the following can normally be welded without adversely affecting strength?
    SAE 4130 chrome molybdenum tubing.
  • In selecting a torch tip size to use in welding the size of the tip opening determines the?
    Amount of heat applied to the work
  • Why should a carburizing flame be avoided when welding steel?
    It hardens the surface
  • The most important consideration when selecting welding rod is?
    Material compatibility
  • The oxyacetylene flame used for aluminum welding should?
    Be neutral and soft
  • A very thin and pointed tip on a soldering copper is undesirable because it will?
    Cool too rapidly
  • Filing or grinding a weld bead is considered to be?
    A way to bring about strength reduction in joint
  • Acetylene at a line pressure above 15 PSI is?
    Dangerously unstable
  • Cylinders used to transport and store acetylene?
    Contain acetone
  • A welding torch backfire may be caused by?
    A loose tip
  • The inert-arc welding process uses an inert gas to protect the weld zone from the atmosphere is what?
    A welding process
  • Where should the flux be applied when oxyacetylene welding aluminum?
    Paint on the surface to be welded and applied to the welding rod
  • What purpose does flux serve in welding aluminum?
    Minimizes or prevents oxidation
  • Why are aluminum plates ¼ inch or more think usually preheated before welding?
    Reduces internal stresses and assures more complete penetration
  • How should a welding torch flame be adjusted to weld stainless steel?
    Slightly carburizing
  • Oxides form very rapidly when alloys or metals are hot it is important therefore when welding aluminum to use a?
  • In gas welding the amount of heat applied to the material being welded is controlled by the?
    Size of the tip opening
  • Oxygen and acetylene cylinders are made of?
  • High pressure cylinders used to transport and store acetylene must?
    Contain acetone
  • When a butt-welded joint is visually inspected for penetration?
    The penetration should be 100 percent of the thickness of the base metal
  • Annealing of aluminum?
    Removes stresses caused by forming
  • Edge notching is generally recommended in butt welding above a certain thickness of aluminum because it?
    Aids in getting full penetration of metal and prevents local distortion
  • If too mush acetylene is used in the welding of stainless steel?
    The metal will absorb carbon and lose its resistance to corrosion
  • The shielding gases generally used in the gas tungsten arc (GTA) welding of aluminum consist of?
    Helium or argon or a mixture of helium and argon
  • Notes
  • what is the 1st rule of rivet selection?
    Diameter = 3 times thickest sheet then find nearest 32nd
  • what is the 2nd rule of rivet selection?
    Length = total thickness of material joined plus 1.5 time diameter then find nearest 16th
  • what is the 3rd rule of rivet selection?
    Edge distance E.D. = 2 times diameter or 3 times diameter or 4 times diameter and there is preferred E.D. = 2.5 times diameter
  • what is the 4th rule of rivet selection?
    Pitch = 3 time diameter minimum and 12 times diameter is maximum preferred pitch is 6 times diameter and 8 times diameter
  • what is the 5th rule of rivet selection?
    Transverse pitch Gauge = 75% of pitch staggered rows only
  • what is a universal rivets number?
    470 used on slow aircraft
  • the buck tail should protrude how far threw the metal?
    1 and ½ the diameter threw the metal
  • when a rivet is smashed down it should be?
    .5 diameter thickness with 1.5 diameter width
  • what is flush head rivets number?
    426 countersunk fast aircraft
  • what is the MS stand for in MS 20 426 AD 5-8?
    Specification this one is Military standard
  • what is the 426 mean in MS 20426 AD 5-8?
    Head shape this one is countersunk
  • what does the AD mean in MS 20 426 AD 5-8?
    Material or alloy this one is 2117-T4
  • what does the 5 mean in MS 20 426 AD 5-8?
    Is diameter in thirty-seconds
  • what does the 8 mean in MS 20 426 AD 5-8?
    Is length in sixteenths of an inch