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Chief Complaint

The clients reason for going into a medical office.


The study of skin, accessory structures, and related diseases.


Deals with disorders of the stomach and intestines.


A hypersensitivity to a substance that does not normally cause a reaction.


A small glass container that can be sealed with its contents sterilized.


The process of bringing two edges, as in a wound, closer together.


To draw in or out using suction.


To determine the accuracy of a machine or piece of equipment.


A triangular muscle that covers the shoulder.


A liquid agent added to medication in a solid or powder form for administration by injection


The point farthest from a medical line, or the center, of a body or a body part.


The term used to identify the site used for an intramuscular injection into the gluteus medius muscle.


The measurement in the diameter of the lumen of a needle. The larger the number, the thinner the needle.


A small portable machine to measure blood sugar.


The term describing the administration of an injectable medication by placing it into the superficial layer, or dermis, of the skin.


The term describing the administration of an injectable medication


The point closest to a medical line, or the center, of a body or body part.


Drainage from a wound or body part that contains pus.


A sharp surgical instrument used for cutting and dissecting from a wound.


A term meaning "under the skin".

Suture Material or Sutures

Thread or wire material used to surgically close an open wound.

Vastus lateralis

The site used for an intramuscular injection into the muscle of the outer thigh area.


A small glass container with a rubber stopper containing medications.

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