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The Odyssey

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The Cyclops - a race of giants with one eye in the middle of the forehead
their ways uncivilized, have no seamanship & Let their fertile land go to waste. All they do is tend to flocks of sheep >>> reveals what the Ancient Greeks regard as the benefits of civilization

O & men come across a cave, O's men want to steal what they find in the cave
O, prone to rash decisions, refuses
wants to meet Polyphemus even as his men warn him against it

Polyphemus traps O & his men in the cave by covering the entrance with a great stone so that they couldn't escape
O can't kill Cyclops in cave, because was only thing that can move huge boulder blocking way out
if killed him, they would still be trapped inside

O tells P that ship was shipwrecked off the coast of island >>> knows that P would destroy it if he thinks it is outside >>> as soon as they leave cave, will board ship with his ewes & cheese
shows how cunning & brave O truly is

while P outside pasturing his sheep, O finds a wooden staff in the cave & hardens it in fire
when P returns, O gets him drunk on wine he brought along from the ship
When P asks him his name, says "Nobody" >>> later, when P cries out for help, the other cyclopes don't come - if they had joined, men would have surely been killed
As soon as P collapses with intoxication, O & men drive the red-hot staff into his eye
when morning comes, escape from cave, unseen by blind P, by clinging to the bellies of his sheep as they go out to graze
P calls for other cyclopes, they don't come when hear, "Nobody's killing me"

safe on board their ships & with P's flock on board, O calls to land & reveals his true identity >>> P lifts up a prayer to his father, Poseidon, calling his vengeance on O