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Development Psychology final set 2

Eriksons' final crisis of development
Integrity vs. Despair
The sense that is the least developed at birth is...
Research on SIDS has shown that babies should be:
put to sleep on their backs.
Piaget believed children begin to develop cognitively at:
The language acquisition device (LAD) was proposed by chomsky to explain:
the universal inborn ability to learn language
According to Piaget, the two elements of adaptation are:
assimilation and accommodation
Area in the brain that plans, anticipates, controls impulses and is last part of the brain to mature is :
prefrontal cortex
By 10 months of age, Stan has a vocabulary of a dozen words. B.F. skinner would have sttributed Stan's rapid speech development mainly to his...
parent's talking to him frequently
Salma is a 10-month-old who is being tested on the visual cliff. We would expect to see her...
refuse to cross over the visual cliff.
The world "more" to mean "I want another cookies" is an:
What demonstrates the Babinski reflex?
an infants toes flare upward when her foot is stroked.
Newborns prefer
Speech over other sounds
Breast-feeding compared to bottle-feeding show that:
breast-feed babies have fewer allergies and stomachaches.
Human milk banks in the U.S. provide breast milk for infants primarily for which of the following...
for infants who cannot tolerate formula.
According to the American academy of pediatrics, breastfeeding is not as popular as it should be due to:
lack of social support physician apathy marketing by formula companies
At 6 weeks a baby most recently developed emotional reaction which is likely to be:
a social smile
When is stranger wariness first noticeable?
at 9 months
What specific area of the gortex in the brain is responsible for emotional self-regulation?
The anterior cingulate gyrus
In Erickson's theory, the infant's earliest task is described as that of:
learning whether the world can be trusted to meet basic needs.
According to Erikon's theory, which of the following is true of most toddlers?
They want to gain a sense of autonomy, of control, over their own body.
Concerning temperamental personality, research has found that:
temperament is linked to biological patterns that appear in infancy.
Margarita and Roberto are warm, nurturing parents who held their baby all of the time and cradled him. They are exhibiting:
Proximal parenting
When caitlin falls and hurts herself, she runs to her mother crying. Rather than comforting caitlin, her mother offers her a toy to distract her. Her mother is:
distal parenting
Coordinated interaction between caregiver and infant is called:
"Proximity-seeking" and "Contact-mainting" behaviors are displays of:
What is a sign of secure attachment?
A child's attempt to be close to the caregiver after a period of exploration.
Ruby does not notice mother leaving or coming back. Behavior characteristic:
insecure-avoidant attachment
The strange situation measures how a child:
responds to separations and reunions with a caregiver
A parent and toddler meet someone the toddler Does not know but who makes the parent nervous. The toddler will probably:
act nervous (anxious)
Take as a whole, the research on the effects of daycare on attachment generally
Show that daycare is more likely to have a negative effect when mothers are in attentive and the child spends a lot of time in daycare.
With respect to toilet training before 18 months is often related to slower completion
toilet training by 18 months slower completion.
Secondary prevention involves:
Responding to the 1st warning signs of a problem.
A persons understanding of the thoughts of other people is called:
theory of mind
Which type of injury prevention begins after an injury and is intended to limit the damage caused by the injury?
Which of the following is the best way to ensure adequate nutrition and vitamin intake?
Eat well-balanced meals with a variety of foods.
The piagetian term for a particular type of centration in which the child thinks about the world only from his personal perspective is:
Skills that a person can perform with assistance, but which they cannot quite perform on their own, lie within the:
Zone of proximal development.
Vygotsky, language tool is:
to advance thought
Gross motor skills such as riding a tricycle are acquired.
through a combination of brain maturation and practice
The ability to control one's impulsiveness appears to be directly related to the development of the
Prefrontal cortext