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  1. electrocardiograph
  2. dermatome
  3. erythroderma
  4. cyanoderma
  5. sonograph
  1. a redness of the skin
  2. b instrument used to cut slices of skin tissue
  3. c instrument that reflects sound waves through the body, picks them up with a transducer, and uses a computer to create an image of body structures
  4. d blueness of the skin
  5. e instrument that produces the electrocardiogram

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  1. instrument used to produce the x-ray film
  2. process of using an sonograph
  3. the science of studying cells
  4. enlarged heart
  5. platelets, blood-clotting cell fragments

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  1. tomographythe process of using a tomograph


  2. duodenalpertaining to the duodenum


  3. electrocardiograminstrument that produces the electrocardiogram


  4. duodenotomyfirst part of the small intestine


  5. lymphocytewhite blood cell


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