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  1. lymphocyte
  2. duodenal
  3. cytology
  4. -ectomy
  5. -algia
  1. a lymphatic system white blood cell
  2. b the science of studying cells
  3. c excision or removal
  4. d pertaining to the duodenum
  5. e pain

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  1. technologist who performs sonography
  2. immature tissue cells
  3. abnormally white skin
  4. picture made by a tomograph
  5. red blood cells

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  1. gastrectomyexcision of the stomach


  2. radiologistphysician specialist in the interpretation of radiograms and other diagnostic imaging modalities


  3. gastroduodenostomymaking a new opening between the stomach and duodenum


  4. cyanosiscondition of blueness


  5. pathologista technologist who studies cellular disease


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