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  1. cyanosis
  2. throbocytes
  3. gastrostomy
  4. cardiomegaly
  5. erythrocytopenia
  1. a low numbers of erythrocytes
  2. b making a new opening in the stomach
  3. c platelets, blood-clotting cell fragments
  4. d condition of blueness
  5. e enlarged heart

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  1. the study of the origin of disease
  2. immature red blood cell
  3. pertaining to the stomach
  4. pigment cell
  5. lymphatic system white blood cell

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  1. leukodermadark patches of skin


  2. radiographprocess of producing radiograms


  3. gastr/opertaining to the stomach


  4. lymphaticpertaining to the lymph system


  5. xanthemiayellow condition of the blood