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  1. sonographer
  2. histology
  3. gastromegaly
  4. tomograph
  5. radiography
  1. a instrument that uses x-ray to produce images through planes (slices) of the body
  2. b process of producing radiograms
  3. c the science of studying tissues
  4. d technologist who performs sonography
  5. e enlarged stomach

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  1. pertaining to the duodenum
  2. the science of studying cells
  3. yellow appearance due to high bilirubin level in the blood
  4. cutting
  5. yellow condition of the blood

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  1. duodenumpertaining to the duodenum


  2. erythremiaredness of the skin


  3. etiologythe science of studying disease


  4. duodenotomyincision into the duodenum


  5. thrombocytosisplatelets, blood-clotting cell fragments