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  1. gastrectomy
  2. -tome
  3. cyanoderma
  4. melanoblast
  5. megalomania
  1. a cutting
  2. b excision of the stomach
  3. c abnormally enlarged self-image
  4. d immature melanocyte
  5. e blueness of the skin

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  1. process of producing radiograms
  2. a technologist who studies cellular disease
  3. white blood cell
  4. heart pain
  5. low numbers of thrombocytes

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  1. etiologythe study of the origin of disease


  2. sonograminstrument that reflects sound waves through the body, picks them up with a transducer, and uses a computer to create an image of body structures


  3. leukocytopenialow numbers of leukocytes


  4. sonographythe process of using a tomograph


  5. leukocytosiswhite blood cell