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cohesive ethnic

it is argued that the lack of ________ ________ groups is the biggest obstacle for Nigeria


there are _____ different ethnic groups (3 dominant ones)


North; ~1/3 of Nigeria's population; most are Muslim; live in rural villages; have sway in politics because of their population dominance


West; ~20% of population; most are Christian


East; had no sense of identity before British colonialism


dominant religions are Christian, Muslim, and _______ religious groups

Republic of Biafra

country people made and claimed independence; major source of wealth for Nigeria; separatist movement led to a very bloody civil war


rich country but most people are ___________

South, North

economic legacy of colonialism; British favored developing ______ Africa, not _____


Nigeria developed __________ on a few exports


British state was highly ___________
-wanted to funnel flow of money made back into Great Britain
-industries were controlled by British


prices collapsed in 1980s and Nigeria couldn't pay its debt so they had to restructure their economy


nigeria ________ their economy after the oil price collapse


Nigerian state did not sell off its oil industry and continues to be the ________ economy actor


oil accounts for __% of GDP


citizens are very ___________ in politics


often intervene in politics

ethnic group

people feel more loyal to their _______ ______ than to the state

democracy, federal republic

today the state is trying to enfore _______ and ___________ ________

Goodluck Johnathon

current president of Nigeria


Congress has little say over the __________


only cohesive party system in Nigeria
-only party with national presence

resource curse

when a country is heavily endowed with one particular resource but doesn't know how to use it effectively
-wealth often falls into the hands of corrupt leaders

most corrupt

ranked ____ __________ country in 2000
-one president was rumored to have stolen $2 billion
-1% of the population gets 80% of oil revenue


Nigerian politicians have no legitimacy outside of ____________


$180 million in _______ was given out

Bill Jefferson

US rep from NOLA who was caught with $90,000 in cash in his freezer, which he got from the Nigerian economy

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