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computer concepts

Formats that make pictures look more like sketches or paintings.
Artistic effects
small box with an upward- and downward-pointing arrow that enables you to move rapidly through a set of values by clicking.
Spin box
The process of using the arrow keys to move an object in small precise increments.
Characters that display on the screen to show the location of paragraphs, tabs, and spaces, but that do not print, are called
formatting marks
Small circles in the corners of a selected graphic with which you can resize the graphic proportionally.
Sizing handles
The placement of paragraph text relative to the left and right margins is referred to as:
The manner in which text displays around an object.
Text wrapping
A movable, resizable container for text or graphics is a:
text box
An object or graphic that can be moved independently of the surrounding text.
Floating object
An object or graphic inserted in a document that acts like a character in a sentence.
Inline object
Frames, shapes, shadows, borders, and other special effects that can be added to an image to create an overall visual style for the image.
Picture styles
Predefined drawing objects, such as stars, banners, arrows, and callouts, included with Microsoft Office, and that can be inserted into documents.
A commonly used alignment of text in which text is aligned at the left margin, leaving the right margin uneven.
Left alignment
An alignment of text in which the text is evenly aligned on both the left and right margins.
Justified alignment
The distance between lines of text in a paragraph.
Line spacing
Text symbols such as small circles or check marks that introduce items in a list.
A mark on the ruler that indicates the location where the insertion point will be placed when you press the Tab key.
Tab stop
A designer-quality graphic used to create a visual representation of information.
A banner is an example of a predefined
A placeholder that displays preset content, such as the current date, the file name, a page number, or other stored information is:
a field
The space between the text and the top, bottom, left, and right edges of the paper are referred to as:
A series of dots following a tab that serve to guide the reader's eye is a: