Chapter 4 Bacterial Genome


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Most prokaryotic genomes are double-stranded circular DNA.
Supercoiling is important for DNA structure, because
it condenses the DNA so that it can fit inside the cell.
AT-rich DNA will denature/melt
at a lower temperature than GC-rich DNA.
How are plasmids different than chromosomes?
Plasmids contain genes that are NOT essential for cellular growth and replication.
The genetic material in a virus is technically called a plasmid.
Plasmids often encode for proteins
that confer resistance to antibiotics.
List the steps of the central dogma of molecular biology in the correct order.
DNA → RNA → protein
The functional unit of genetic information is the
DNA participates in protein synthesis through
an RNA intermediate
Genetic information in the cell is carried by information molecules, including all EXCEPT which of the following?