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Meteorology Exam

The most conspicuous features on he surface of the sun are dark blemishes called
THe layer of the sun which radiates most of the light that reaches the earth is called the
The sun's energy results from the conversion of hydrogen into
The layer of the sun directly above the photosphere is called the
The sun is considered an "average star"
The period of the moon's rotation is equal to its period of revolution
The length of daylight on the moon is about
two weeks
The source of the sun's energy is
nuclear fusion
When viewed from earth the dark-appearing ares on the moon are called
Which lunar features is the oldest
lunar highlands
An eclipse of the moon (lunar eclipse) can be seen by anyone on the night side of the earth
Most of the moon's craters were produced by
the impact of debris
Streams of atomic nuclei, protons, and electrons and emitted from the sun produces
the solar wind
During periods of high solar activity high cloud like structures that appear as great arches extending from the sun are often produced. These solar features are called
Radio telescopes are able to detect very short wave radiation emitted by celestial objects
To determine whether a celestial body is approaching or receding from the earth astronomers employ