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alegrarse de

to be happy, rejoice

(me) emociona

it excites, touches, thrills me

(me) encanta

to love (usually things or activities)

(me) enfada, (me) enoja

it angers me, it makes me mad

(me) gusta

to like

(me) molesta

it bothers me

sentir (ie)

to regret, be sorry

(me) sorprende

it surprises me

temer, tener miedo

to fear, be afraid


to deplore

(me) desilusiona

it disappoints me


to take pride in

estar orgulloso(a) de

to be proud

estar encantado(a) de

to be delighted

estar triste, entristecerse

to feel sad

(me) irrita

it irritates me


to regret, be sorry

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