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Verbs of Emotion

alegrarse de
to be happy, rejoice
(me) emociona
it excites, touches, thrills me
(me) encanta
to love (usually things or activities)
(me) enfada, (me) enoja
it angers me, it makes me mad
(me) gusta
to like
(me) molesta
it bothers me
sentir (ie)
to regret, be sorry
(me) sorprende
it surprises me
temer, tener miedo
to fear, be afraid
to deplore
(me) desilusiona
it disappoints me
to take pride in
estar orgulloso(a) de
to be proud
estar encantado(a) de
to be delighted
estar triste, entristecerse
to feel sad
(me) irrita
it irritates me
to regret, be sorry