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Book1 - What happens?
Starts 9 years after the war. Apollo sends plagues to greet camps. Zeus is reluctant to help the Trojans because wife Hera prefers the Greeks.
Book2 - What happens?
Zeus sends Agamemmon a false dream where Nesta persuades him he can take Troy if he launches a full scale assault on the cities walls.
Book3 - What happens?
Paris and Menelaus duel with the intention of putting an end to the war. Iris urges Helen to watch her own battle. Aphrodite protects Paris in the duel (whisks him away to Helens room, Helen calls him a coward and then sleeps with him).
Book4 - What happens?
Zeus declares Menelaus the winner of the duel. Hera wants total desctruction of Troy. Athena gets Pandarus to take aim at Menelaus, but only to wound, not to kill.
Book5 - What happens?
Diomedes prays to Athena for revenge. She gives him superhuman strength, but he's told the only God he is allowed to challenge is Aphrodite, but he breaches this agreement and attacks Apollo and Aries.
Book7 - What happens?
Hector and Ajax end their duel with exchanging gifts and making a pact of friendship. Paris is prepared to give up Helen, but not all the loot he gained from Sparta.
Book8 - What happens?
Zeus weighs the fates of Troy and Achaea, and Achaea loses. Zeus warns Athena and Hera from interfering.
Book10 - What happens?
Greeks pray to Athena for protection.
Book11 - What happens?
Zeus causes panic on Achaean lines by raining blood. Achilles is persuaded to either rejoin battle or allow Patroclus to wear his armor.
Book12 - What happens?
The Trojans encounter a bad omen, but Hector refuses to retreat.
Book14 - What happens?
Hera enchants and seduces Zeus to distract him whilst she gets Posideon to steer the Achaeans to victory.
Book15 - What happens?
Zeus wakes to discover what Hera has done. He tells her he has no personal interest in Trojan victory.
Book16 - What happens?
Achilles wont fight, but hands over his armor to Patroclus, on the proviso he only fights as long to save the ships. Achilles prays to Zeus that he does what he says. Zeus wants to save Sarpedon who one of his mortal sons but Hera says he cant due to favouritism. Appollo sneaks behind Patroclus and wounds him, which allows Hector to finish him off. Patroclus foretells Hectors death.
Book17 - What happens?
Fight over Achilles armour on dead P. Athena and Apollo provide encouragement to their sides.
Book18 - What happens?
Achilles decides to return to battle to avenge Patroclus, despite knowing that he is fated for an early death if he returns to battle.
Book19 - What happens?
Zeus sends Athena to fill Achilles stomach, knowing he has vowed not to eat until he has killed Hector.
Book20 - What happens?
Zeus allows the Gods to intervene but they choose just to watch. Just as Achilles is about to stab Aeneas, when Posideon whisks him away. Hector sees Achilles slaughtering the Trojans, so he challenges him to battle. Apollo is forced to save Hector a second time.
Book21 - What happens?
Achilles clogs the rivers with all of his corpses. The river gods protest. The gods start to argue amongst themselves.
Book22 - What happens?
Zeus wants to save Hector but Athena insists his time has come. Zeus weighs his fate next to Achilles. Hector's sinks. Achilles recognizes his armor, knows its weak points, and kills Hector.
Book23 - What happens?
Patroclus comes begging to be buried in a dream. Games are held, but the winner is manipulated by the Gods.
Book24 - What happens?
Achilles continue mourning. Abuses Hector's corpse. The Trojans light Hectors pyre on the 10th day.
Who is Achilles?
Powerful warrior, proud, headstrong.
Who is Agamemmnon?
King of Mycenae, leader of the Achaean army. Arrogant, selfish.
Who is Patroclus?
Achille's friend. Stands by him, and wears/dies in his armour.
Who is Odysseus?
Smart Achaean commander. Helps mediate conflict.
Who is Diomedes?
Youngest Achaean commander. Brave but attacks Aphrodite and Aries.
Who is Great Ajax?
Second mightiest after Achilles.
Who is Little Ajax?
Achaean commander. Small and swift.
Who is Nestor?
King of Pylos and oldest Achaean commander. Old and wise.
Who is Menelaus?
King of Sparta, younger brother of Agamemmnon.
Who is Idomeneus?
King of Crete. Respected commander
Who is Machaon?
A healer, wounded by Paris in book 11.
Who is Calchas?
Important soothsayer. identifies the plague in book 1 causing the conflict between Agamemmnon and Achilles.
Who is Peleus?
Zeus' grandson. Achilles' father. Never appears in person, only in dream.
Who is Phoenix?
An old Warrior, helps raise Achilles.
Who are The Myrmidons?
Soldiers under Achilles command. Trojans.
Who is Hector?
Mightiest warrior in Trojan Army. Mirrors Achilles but not in bloodlust. Hates Paris (brother) for creating war.
Who is Priam?
Respected by both sides. King of Troy. Too old to fight, but nice to Helen even though blaming her beauty for the war.
Who is Hecuba?
Queen of Troy, wife of Priam. Mother of Hector and Paris.
Who is Paris?
Abducted Helen. Sparked war. Lacks the spirit for battle.
Who is Helen?
The face that lauched a thousand ships. Self-loathing, due to what she caused. While she detests Paris, she stays with him.
Who is Aeneas?
Son of Aphrodite. Believed to later found Rome,.
Who is Andromanche?
Hector's wife. Begs him to withdraw before he is killed.
Who is Astyanax?
Hector's son.
Who is Polyalamus?
A young Trojan commander.
Who is Glaucus?
Almost had duel with Diomedes. They exchange armour and realise their fam are friends.
Who is Dolon?
Trojan Spy.
Who is Sarpedon?
His fate is affected by the Gods moods/arguements.