6: The World - Ch 13; New Directions for Eur. SET 1

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Soc. Studies - pg.428 - Sec. 1 to 3

1. Renaissance

- time from about 1400 to 1600 in which Europeans entered an age of thought, learning, art, and science; a French word meaning: rebirth

1. patron

- wealthy person who pays artists and writers to produce their work

1. perspective

- a painting technique that shows the difference between things that are close and things that are far away

1. movable type

- letters and numbers made from individual pieces of metal that can be positioned to form rows of words

1. telescope

- an instrument that can make faraway objects look close

1. gravity

- the force that holds objects to the Earth and keeps the planets circling around the sun

1. scientific method

- a system of observing and experimenting to determine whether an idea should be accepted as true

2. Reconquista

- a plan to make Spain all Catholic; also called the Reconquest

2. clergy

- ordained church officers

2. indulgence

- a pardon for sins

2. heresy

- the denial of the beliefs of a church

2. Protestant

- name of the churches that were formed as a result of protests against the Roman Catholic Church

2. Reformation

- a religious movement that began in sixteenth-century Europe as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church: resulted in the founding of Protestantism

3. caravel

- a type of ship that used either square or lateen sails to travel long distances

3. circumnavigation

- a journey around the world by ship

3. Armada

- a fleet of warships

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